"Please, come in . . . "

Greetings all,

Well, today is the day. For those of you have been requesting a peek inside the house, you now have a complete tour. The holidays always seem to be my favourite time of the year - and I love seeing the house in all of its holiday attire.

A special thanks to Bret at the Bussey Group, Nicolas Smith, and the San Francisco Concert Chorale for your unending assistance and talent.

Happy Holidays,

ps. The holiday concert from the SF Concert Chorale is this weekend on Dec. 5 - join us if you are in the area. There's information on the website. And to purchase our holiday cd - which includes the soundtrack - you can contact info@sfconcertchorale.org


Beryn Hammil said…
This is both an amazing presentation of your home, and the home itself.
katiedid said…
Scot.....it is only 9:30 in the morning and youhave already got my macara running. i am very sentimetal about the holiays, and your video just got me so choked up...in a very good way! Your home is just beautiful and I am assuming the music is your choral group? The whole presentation is what I love most about Christmas: the music, the cozy welcoming feeling. Just perfect. Thank you so very much.

P.S. is the music available somewhere?
Kris said…
Perfect! In everyway.
Thanks everyone! It was such great fun working on this for the last few weeks.

Katie - I sent you a link to the SFCC website for our holiday cd . . . and I also added the link to the post as well.
Unknown said…
your hard work has paid off- very impressive.
La Maison Fou said…
Thanks for the peek into your world!
Love the work, looks like the perfect plce to draw up & sit back, have a glass of merlot!
Happy Christmas to you!
Julio Muao said…
*standing up in front of laptop screen applauding* Bravo Scot Bravo! This is postcard perfect.
Annie said…
I say bravo! I am loving your home! It's a great eclectic mix of patterns & wonderful treasures! I absolutely love it! I'm a follower now :)
Melissa said…
I just found your blog and am so happy that I did.

Your home is a feast for the eyes.

Oh...Such a wonderful Christmas tome...the fireplace and candles crackling, the amazing music...the scotttish tartans (I saw several)...cozy, beautiful, soulful.

I loved it.

THIS is the Christmas I miss (add some snow and it would be perfection)

Thank you...off to watch...just one more time.
Kat Gordon said…
Absolutely stunning! As I've been at your home for parties, I can attest it's every bit as glorious as this footage suggests.
Very beautiful home, beautiful presentation.
Scot... It doesn't get any more warm and inviting than that... it is just beautiful!
EAC said…
Now I want to put on some heels and pour something sparkly..loved it! The individual elements are beautiful, but the sum is fantastic.
vignette design said…
Absolutely beautiful. I love your style. So refreshing to see design not following the trendy Gustavian look, but embracing the warmth of interiors that have evolved over time; influenced by travel, personal collections and taste. To have style represent the person and not the latest trend. I am now thinking twice about slipcovering all my furniture in white linen!......
So glad I found you. And I love tartan, especially at Christmas.
From a fellow Bay Area Blogger....Delores
columnist said…
Really beautiful, and very in the mood. Can you decorate my house for Christmas too?!
Very nice as always :-)

I am getting my tree tomorrow so, will have to work a lot to get it as cozy as you do.

What a gorgeous place, so full of personality and what a great way of putting us in the Christmas spirit.
Happy Holidays to you too.
I am curious: what was the gift for your guests? just the wrapping is perfect!
Oh Scot
So very beautiful!!!!!
Grand Kudos from Homer. You just jumped up another level in what is the new shelter media stage. This is where we all need to go. Merry Christmas.
Renae Moore said…
You are "friends" with so many of my "bloggy friends" so I had to pop over. What a fabulous day to do so...I loved your video Christmas Card and your home is just lovely. I adore how you seemingly "layer" your decor...just stunning.
Since Katie asked...are you in the chorale? Beautiful music.
Thanks again for all the great feedback. and to answer a few questions - yes, I am a member of the SF Concert Chorale (and have been for about 12 years) and we had an amazing holiday concert last evening.

Also, the gifts were from Ralph Lauren. It was their holiday candle.
What a breathtakingly beautiful home you have! I must have watched the video five times just trying to take in all the little details. Your bedroom is so handsome with the antler hat holder and the dining room, well what a party to be had! Thank you for sharing with us.
XXX Kate
red ticking said…
so pretty and love the music... well done. x pam
Kathy said…
I so enjoyed my visit, your home is stunning, freaking fabulous in fact :-), happy Christmas, Kathy.
Scot- Absolutely amazing, dazzling, and so very inspiring! You are so talented!!!
Scot, your place looks stunning.

Thank you very much for sharing your space. What a treat!
Unknown said…
Soooo beautiful! You never cease to amaze me with your talent!
I wish that I were able to convey to you just how much I am FREAKING OUT!

Your presentation and interior is STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING, FABULOUS...

As I've only asked a zillion times, when are you coming to my house? You have an open invitation. Are you visiting family this way over Christmas? Come on over!

Happy Christmas to you too!
Sarah Fettinger said…
Simply lovely and perfect in every way! Thank you so much for sharing! I am inspired! I have watched the video at least 10 times. One day I would love to see the kitchen and bathroom. I am sure they are also perfection.

Wishing you the richest blessings this holiday season.

A Tailored Teen's Mom
Fabulous! I can only imagine you there with your friends and those you love, celebrating the holidays. What a stunning home, the perfect backdrop for wonderful memory making days and evenings. Happy Christmas! xo Lidy
Shani said…
You have fabulous aesthetic and musical taste! Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
So beautiful. You make Ralph Lauren want to start over. I love the tartan pillows!
Greg said…
Wow, I saw this home on your website (then got redirected to your blog). An amazing, beautiful, masculine space... then in this post I realized it's YOUR home! Breathtaking...!

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