17 December, 2009

"Hanging the Greens . . . "

Interior Designer, Mary McDonald

Good morning all,

So I would think by this point in my blogging, my clear, and clearly unending, fascination with holiday decorations should be fairly evident - lol. And I just ran across this old favourite last night - from Mary McDonald's wonderful home in Los Angeles - whilst I was looking through my inspiration files. (You DO realize that holiday of 2010 is just a short 12 months away! I tend to start planning early.)

I just love the cheerful "freshness" of the dining room. Again, it's just a simple colour story but, the masses of fresh greenery makes the space feel wondrous and magical.

"The multiple hues of silver, white and gray give the room a
light, uplifting feeling. Even though there's a bit of Marie-Antoinette
in me, I don't always try to gild the lily. I like simple rooms, too.
They add another layer to the story, which is always changing and never ends."
-Mary McDonald

The Main Stairway.

"Christmas gives me the opportunity to create an evocative,
almost theatrical setting with beautiful treasures I collect
on my trips," says McDonald, whose visit to India last year
yielded a trove of peacock feathers. "This year, I wanted a rich,
exotic look that was warm and festive without being too
traditional. I love tradition, but I also love drama and a touch of fantasy."

- Mary McDonald

The exuberance of fresh greens, peacock feathers, and topiaries in the main entry.

A beautiful detail from the dining room.

Things are winding down here at the office - with most of my clients out of town for the holiday season. So there's going to be a good deal of time spent cleaning, organizing everything, and getting ready for the new year. 2010. whew. I can't wait.

tartanscot. in the office. with the windex.


Anonymous said...

That is a light, refreshing dining room... the greenery is lovely. And how about the pediments over those windows and doors? Stunning.

tartanscot said...

laurelstreet - it is just truly lovely all the way around.

Kathy said...

Beautiful rooms, the decorations really are quite stunning. I am off to google Mary M. Good luck with the cleaning :-), happy holidays, Kathy.

LadyeLisa said...

That stairway! The honey tone accented by the greenery is just yummy! And I love the chaos of the branches in that stately urn in the dining room detail. You have chosen beautiful images to tantalize, once again. Happy Christmas!

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