13 October, 2009

"Mark your calendars . . . "

Scott Schuman - "The Sartorialist"

Good morning,

For those of you in the San Francisco area, we have a special treat headed our way next week. Photographer Scott Schuman - "The Sartorialist" himself - will be in SF as a part of his national book tour.
You can meet Scott and get a signed copy of his new book, "The Sartorialist," next Wednesday evening, October 21st, at the Paul Smith shop at #50 Geary Street from 7:30 to 8:30.

"The Sartorialist" was one of the first blogs that I was ever aware of. It began several years ago with Scott snapping picture of the well (and sometimes just interestingly) dressed population of New York. I always loved that he was very specific about his task - it was never a question of "I don't like those shoes," or "I never look good in that colour," but he wanted his readers just to find inspiration from the pictures - from the couture creations of fashion week, to the simple work clothes of local artisans, or anyone with a chic sense of style. And the photography is breathtaking. Scott is able to capture a magical, ephemeral moment with each subject. You can see the details of the clothing - but, you're aware of SO much more.

Click here for the complete book tour schedule.
Click here for a link to the new book.

Hopefully I'll see a few of you there,


Julio said...

Wow, I would go just to stare at him up close.

tartanscot said...

@ Julio, there is always THAT too.

red ticking said...

wish i could pop down for it... he is amazing... and so are you... how are you??? xx pam

tartanscot said...

hey pam!

I'm doing quite well, thank you. business is great, and everything seems to be headed towards an amazing holiday season.

what's up with you?

My Notting Hill said...

Scott - You may have seen this but you got a great mention in one of Canadian House & Home's blogs via an interview you did with Ivan Meade-



tartanscot said...


wow. thanks. there's nothing better to read first thing in the morning than "the international design star Scot Meacham Wood . . . "


Helen James said...

met The Sartorialist last week here in Dublin, Ireland. He was so eloquent and funny. I highly recommend going to see him if you can

Tickled Pink And Green said...

He'll be here in Dallas this tuesday and I'm hoping to attend...

P.S. I thought of you when I looked thru the new Country Living magazine where there is a little Mad For Plaid section. I'm ordering the tartan dessert plates from Pendleton....and that tartan candle too. You may want to check it out...


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