29 October, 2009

"Good Design, Naturally . . . "

Greetings all,

It never ceases to amazes me that whenever I fall through the 'blogging rabbit hole' I find that inspiration spins towards me from every corner. And tonight, thanks to "The Bedlam of Beefy," I'm all aflutter with the work of Edward Bulmer and his beautiful projects in the historic buildings of England. And his eco-friendly stance on design is refreshing.

I always feel such a great sense of calm in the classic rooms. The proportions are so gracious. The history of the furnishings seems to reach out to me. Telling me stories from the past.
I feel that way about some pieces in my own collection. Sometimes I look into the faces of my antique portraiture and wonder what those eyes have seen during their long lives.

And as you well know, I can never quite resist the dramatic charm of hand-painted chinoiserie wall coverings. And the dark, romantic colour would send my to slumber almost instantly.

I love Mr. Bulmer's keen understanding of historic spaces and period furnishings

"We want to have a neutral – or better still – a positive impact on people
and the planet, which is why to develop our business we
have allied design and ecology and called it...
Good design, naturally
- Edward Bulmer

okay, seriously. I love this.

And the weekend approaches - Happy Halloween!


Things That Inspire said...

The barmeter nestled among the umbrellas is what lured me in. Beautiful, classic British interiors are so comforting, you are right.

DAM said...

your picture choices are always spot on

The-Countrypolitan said...

Very inviting and comfortable looking spaces. I love the chinoiserie walls!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Feeling light headed! Must take deep breaths! That green room, oh my! (You've done it again SMW!) Have the most wonderful weekend!

Greet Lefèvre said...

I so love to visit your blog! Amazing pictures always!!


Laura Casey Interiors said...

Only in England do they actually need that many umbrellas. Love that wallpaper.

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