27 October, 2009

"Falling in Fall . . . "

Good morning all,

There was a remarkable chill in the air this morning. And Halloween is this weekend. And the leaves are changing. And 'time change' is Sunday. There are wonderful root vegetables at the Farmer's Market. And I have Christmas parties on my mind.

And Fall always makes me long for the gracious, lovely rooms of Phoebe Howard. Such simple colours, but such elegant rooms. Her rooms just always feel as though someone has just stepped out of the image. There is always such a strong sense of the people who live in these homes.



ThankYouForAsking said...

I have just discovered your blog and am delighted to see you also live in San Francisco (I live here as well and also have a blog).
I love your pictures! Today does feel like the first real day of fall.

Greet said...

I am completely agree with that! Beautiful picture!
Thank you!


Laura [What I Like] said...

That pictures makes me want to light a fire (nevermind that I don't have the pleasure of owning a fireplace) and wrap myself in a blanket to sink into one of those chairs...I love this time of year.

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