"oh, to be in England . . ."

Greetings faithful reader,

For the last few years, I've been lucky to spend my holiday season in London reveling in the joys of antique shopping, live theatre, and my favourite Christmas music. This year I'm going to be staying in San Francisco, but wanted to share a most special moment.

The clip is from King's College Cambridge . . . and is the traditional opening to the "Lessens and Carols" service on Christmas Eve with a single boy soprano singing the opening line of the carol and the choir and congregation joining on successive verses. For me, the sound resonates my love of singing, my love of architecture, and my love of the holidays.

I hope you have a happy Christmas,


LadyeLisa said…
chills . . . and speechless.
Anonymous said…
wow . .. that's one of my favorite carols as well . . . and King's College is breathtaking.
Pigtown*Design said…
do you know that they tap the soloist about a minute before he starts singing? each boy practices and they don't know who will be picked until the very last minute! Incredible, no?

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