Musings on the holidays . . .


I've always been a huge fan of decorating for the holiday season . . . but oddly, not for reasons that have to do with the desire to re-live some obscure childhood memory. My early upbringing was a succession of 2 to 4 year postings with my military family (there's wasn't much of the traditional holiday in Southern California, and even less so in South I've often wondered about the genesis of my almost giddy reaction to a masses of cut greenery or my delight at simple white tree lights. Luckily, the design business is always slower for me in the month of December and I can busy myself (and my business) with decorating for clients (and myself).

I was working on a holiday installation this afternoon, and was amazed at how 'content' I was just designing and assembling garlands and wreathes for 5 hours. There is just something 'magical' (a word I often like to use when describing any of my holiday installations) seeing a simple domestic space transformed into the place where new holiday memories are begun . . . seeing the rooms where people will gather to celebrate their friendship . . . knowing that families will en-circle a beautifully designed table and share a holiday feast . . . .

Just some thoughts on a quiet Tuesday night, whilst there are still pine needles in my hair and tree sap under my nails . . . . ahhhhhhhhhhh.

always searching for joy,


LadyeLisa said…
Magical is an apt descripton for your handiwork, my friend. This inspires me to see what magic I can bring into my own abode.
Your living room looks even more magical decorated for christmas. I love the 2 unadorned christmas trees -what a great look!! It reminds me a bit of 'the lion, witch and the wardrobe' in that you have a forest of sorts in the room! charming
that's hilarious . . . only because when I was working on the house, I actually kept saying I wanted to create "Narnia" . . . lol.
REALLY? well, you succeded! Thats wonderful!

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