"Let's start at the very beginning . . . "

Greetings and salutations for the new year,

The week separating Christmas and New Year's is always a good time to re-consider one's home. Depending upon one's rituals, the holiday decorations start coming down anywhere between the day after Christmas (on December 26th) to the first day of Epiphany (on January 6th.) Personally, my holidays go up early and come down right after Christmas . . . but what is next . . .

Often, my home seems to breathe a sigh of relief once the holiday decorations are swept away and I have a chance to see my home in its "natural habitat" once again. It's a new beginning for me and opportunity to start with a clean slate as January approaches. I always seem to crave simplicity. less 'stuff.' better meals. a more intentional way of living.

I found the images whilst sorting through some old copies of House Beautiful. The article featured a house by the Italian designer Paolo Moschino and explored the fresh start that the new year brings and how that new beginning can express itself in design. I love the cozy warmth and clean, simple colour story.

Best wishes for an amazing 2009,


Pat McIntosh said…
I love your blog and will visit often. Thanks so much for sharing a little bit of what is you!
Of course, I have both of those images in my clipping files as well :-) I just love that cozy bedroom and elegant dining room!
My Notting Hill said…
Love the bedroom in the first photo! So perfect for winter.

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