Dining . . . but, only by design.

Greetings and salutations,

One of my favourite projects each year is the "Dining by Design" event. Every year, 50 designers are asked to imagine a spectacular dining environment hosting 10 people for dinner in a shockingly *tiny* space (approximately 11 by 11 feet.) The other significant challenge is the set-up constrains. Basically, the project must be installed in 36 hours, is on display for two events, and then ALL comes down in one morning. whew. it's a bit exhausting just thinking about.

This year I wanted to try something extraordinary. After flipping through an artbook about the great baronial dinning rooms of 18th century Europe, I wanted to see if I could capture that grandeur an elegance, though clearly, on a 'slightly' smaller scale.

The installation goes in next Tuesday/Wednesday and things seem to be coming together quite well. The antique china was delivered this morning. The stemware is ready to be picked up. The perfect handmade carpet is awaiting pick-up next week. The contractor has all the blueprints for the structure. I've spoken with the lighting tech-guys regarding the spectacular lighting fixture for the event (wait 'til you see this!) Still waiting for the textile "fire-code paperwork" for the city, but that should be in the office tomorrow morning. I'll have my camera with me, so I can shoot some 'in-progress' shots as the project goes in.



LadyeLisa said…
oooooo . . . tomorrow's the BIG day! Sending pixie dust to sprinkle on your day. Look forward to seeing pics and hearing more stories.

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