"and warm woolen mittens ... "

With Thanksgiving practically upon us, it brings one's mind to those things for which we are most grateful for in our day to day lives. This isn't about celebrating one's good health or family (both of which I'm sincerely grateful for) . . but, instead, I'm thinking of those items that bring me a quiet, simple joy. The everyday objects, memories, and experiences that make my everyday life sublime.

Here are some of my favourites things . . . . .

1. Tartan in any form. Period.
2. Velvet Slippers from Crockett & Jones. There's a wonderful little shop on Jermyn Street in London that makes the most amazing shoes. It's one of the ways that I treat myself.
3. Dirty Jeep Wranglers
4. Fresh scones from Sarabeth’s in NY. A good friend introduced me to this marvelous little place on Madison Ave. on the upper East side. Yummy.
5. Singing in harmony.
6. Avalache Roses. They are the most amazing shade of white-green-celedon-ivory.
7. Scottish Breakfast Tea.
8. The Portobello Antique Market. My favourite place to spend a sunny Saturday morning when I'm visiting in England. And if you shop your way through, there's a great little place for lunch on the far end.
9. Flickering candlelight. It is the first element whenever I design for any event.
10. An evening of conversation with good friends.
11. Cashmere sweaters
12. My antique china collection. Just in case a hundred people drop by for afternoon tea. lol.

What makes you happy ?

Happy Thanksgiving,
from tartanscot


LadyeLisa said…
Seeing a flower on any plant in my back yard.

A purring cat.


Singing harmony.

Wearing a soft, fuzzy robe on a cool, rainy day.

To name a few . . .
ditto on the flickering candlelight and ESPECIALLY the antique china :-) I think I have enough of both for several hundred guests LOL. It's official -your blog is fabulous and going on my blog roll! I don't know how I never found you before!
Pigtown*Design said…
pretty much the same list as yours!

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