and tartanscot said . . . "It was good."

Another greeting from another slightly wee hour.

Today has been amazing. I've had nothing but great feedback on my Dining by Design installation, and may even have a few nibbles on some extended press and print . . . I'll keep you informed.

I'm always so inspired by seeing other creative minds at work. Just walking through the "D by D" event this evening makes me so proud to be in the design trade. I love seeing how one can take such a simple charge . . . "Go forth and create a dining room" . . . and see the unending variations on that one idea.

Some of my favourites; Ken Fulk's whimsical (and theatrical) take on the Sleeping Beauty myth, Candace Barnes' Chinoiserie garden, and Jo Malone's simple elegance . . .

A big (and unending) 'thank you' to Leslie and the whole staff from Wroolie & co., Cathy Post from Ralph Lauren, and Stacy (*kisses*) for helping me survive the hell-that-was-yesterday.

I'm moments from crashing in the bed for a gentle night's slumber.



Anonymous said…
Your table and the surrounding space is so warm, inviting, intimate and elegant! The plates are IDEAL in this setting. The chandelier just floats there!
Anonymous said…
Wow. That is just beautiful. You are so talented.
Anonymous said…
Great. One more blog to check/read every day ;)

Congrats, doll! MUAH!
red ticking said…
now if only you had your new sheets to crawl into! i have not forgotten you... just need an address.
please call me 206-322-9890 nite nite...
and congratulations!!!!!!!!

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