14 August, 2019

“Royal Family Ties - The Corgis . . . “


Let's take a moment to celebrate that most royal of dog breeds - the Corgi! 

Three Fabulous Corgi Facts . . . 

1)  there are actually two quite distinct breeds of Corgis -
There is the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi.  They are considered two entirely different breeds as they come from differing ancestors.  Their remarkable resemblance is a result of crossbreeding in the early 19th century! 

2)  According to Welsh legend, fairies as known to ride them!
Some say that the corgi is an "enchanted dog" favoured by fairies and elves.  At night, the magical creatures would use the dogs to pull their carriages and be their steeds in battle!  According to legend, the markings on the corgi's coat suggest the faint outline of a saddle and harness.
3) Corgi means "dwarf dog" in Welsh -
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, cor means dwarf and gi means dog.

Even our four-footed family members deserve some recognition every now and again.  Maybe they need a new water bowl. Or a jaunty tartan collar or leash.  Check out all of our wee treasures for your puppy at SMW Home!



tammy j said...

a wonderful post!

Jenna Shell said...

I have two Pembroke Corgis!!!

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