"Meanwhile, Back at The Abbey . . . "


As you might well know, Downton Abbey is returning into our lives this fall with what looks to be a completely delicious proper film coming to a cinema near you on September 20th.   

As an exercise to prepare myself to leap back into a very complicated plot line - I planned on doing a bit a background investigating into some of the various characters - just to make sure I was 'up the speed' on all the goings on both upstairs and downstairs at the grand house.

So . . . I thought I would invite you to come along with me on my adventure.  Look for posts every few days focusing on one particular character - as we attempt to get ALL these balls back in the air in time for the new film. 

Even the dog.  



tammy j said…
thank you dear Scot! what a lovely thing to look forward to!
Merlin said…
Cheerio!! Can't wait...franki
Elizabeth B said…
A great idea. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth B
Deanna Rabe said…
We’ve been rewatching the entire series, so we’ll be ready! This should be fun to follow your posts!

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