29 May, 2018

"Run and Rise . . . "


There's just something so emotionally compelling about seeing the geometric excellence of a staircase.  Whether they are gently beckoning us up to the heavens . . . or to descend into the unknown . . .

I must admit that things are the tiniest bit hectic (and by that, I mean spinning wildly out of control. . . lol) over here around at SMW Home.  But, somehow these images of slow, steady movement and clear, pointed progress are helping to calm my nerves.  Of course, the spectacular woodwork and beautiful flooring aren't hurting my mood either.

Stairs demand progress.  One is not allowed to loiter aimlessly. One must proceed boldly into the unknown.  And it does not matter if they are leading upwards and downwards, we are seldom able to see our destination while on the journey.

Polo/Ralph Lauren - New York

The structure and design of stairs are often described, architecturally, by the two words 'run' and 'rise.'  The 'run' being the length of the stair tread . . . and the 'rise' being the height up to the next step.  And often in life, those are our two options.  Either we 'run' - flee the stress . . .

Or we 'rise' to the challenge.  Moving forward.  On to the next adventure.


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