21 May, 2018

"From This Day Forward . . . "


Like I'm sure a great many of you . . . that alarm went off a bit early on Saturday morning.  But, groggy none the less . . . off I padded to our study to find the best coverage of the latest royal wedding.  

BBC was streaming live . . . and seemed to have the best informed hosts . . . so, that's where I settled in for several hours of gasps, tears, and delight.

The whole event seemed to go off flawlessly. From the delighted faces of the Mulroney twins expertly handling their 'veil-wrangling' duties.  To, what I'm fairly certain, was the first gospel choir to fill the nave at St. Goerge's Chapel.

A few of my favourite photos follow . . .

 One of the official portraits of the bride and groom
with the page boys and bridesmaids. 

 The future King escorting the Mother of the Bride after the service.

I'm gonna REALLY need to step-up my garland game going forward.
THIS was amazing.

At times it almost seemed medieval.

And at other times . . . it was just sexy as hell!

But, this.  THIS was the star of the day.
Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother, was the very definition of
grace and style.  She looked amazing . . . but, she simply
BEAMED with pride at every word, and hymn, and ceremony. 
Well done. 



Merlin said...

It was so fun!! franki

Lisa said...

Loved, loved, loved the wedding, the dress, Doria, and the photo you posted of Meghan, excuse me, HRH the Duchess of Sussex, walking down the aisle alone with those adorable twins handling her veil. It reminded me of "The Sound of Music's" wedding scene when Maria traveled that aisle alone.

tammy j said...

when Deborah tells Cary that beautiful things always make her cry... i'm that this morning reading this wonderful post about this amazing wedding. they hurdled it right into the 21st century with style and grace! and tears are in my eyes seeing it again! your pictures and post are perfect.

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