18 March, 2018

"Sunday Runway - Instagraming . . . "


If you're anything like me - you spend a goodly part of your day surfing the glorious world of Instagram.  So much of the design and fashion worlds are driven by amazing imagery - it's the perfect mix of inspiration and social connection.

So - for a fun Sunday Runway - I thought I'd share a few of my favourite men's fashion instagramers - and encourage you to follow along . . . 

Easily the most charming and eccentric fellow in the bunch.
Zack focuses on period fashion - and rambles all about
England in his perfectly period garb.
Beautiful imagery from a great New York store.
They feature new products and amazing inspirations from
all over the city.

The perfect intersection of classic 'Ivy Style' and nostalgic
New York memories.  It's all about the duffle coat and the
best seats at the tennis match with Bjorn Borg.

I highlighted Sean a few weeks back - but he always deserves
another mention.  His amazing vintage shop in Brooklyn
is endless visual fodder for his insta-feed - and a great
way of shopping his store.

I've known Michael since our days together at Ralph Lauren -
and practically no one was more excited to see his
amazing rise as one of the US's best menswear designers.
This is a perfect sneak peek at upcoming designs - and great
New York life. 

If for some reason you haven't already - give me a follow as
well!  It's a mix of inspirations, design projects, and random 
pictures from my house (#ScenesFromAHouse) most days.
And my shoes.  

Who are some of your favourite Instagram accounts?  Please
leave me a few new ideas in the comments - I always need to
find some new inspirations . . . 

Happy following -

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Merlin said...

Not an Instagrammer....yet...franki

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