27 March, 2018

"How To Make an Entrance . . . "


I've always felt that first impression are so profoundly important - and thus always focus our attention on the entryway of a home to create the best impression for the house. The entries to our homes act (and not just metaphorically) as the portal between us and the big bad world waiting just outside our door.  Thus, I find it incredibly important to create something very specific when I'm designing for any one of my clients - or even for myself.  Here are a few things always on my mental checklist as we begin work on a new project . . .   

The Lighting. 
I like using either a pendant fixture or table lamps (and often both!) in the space.  Dimmers are also always vital.  Here in our project in East Hampton, we went for big scale and big drama with this enormous fixture - bringing the eye upwards into the amazing space. 

The Surface. 
I think every entryway requires a simple flat surface as part of the design.  It's just the mechanics of needing a place to drop the incoming mail, your sunglasses, and maybe even your car keys. Here in our Berkeley project, an antique Scottish dresser is the perfect place to drop off as one enters the house. 

The Mirror.
Once you've passed through the entryway, you are out there in the big world. I think it's smart to have one last opportunity to make sure everything is in order, so I always have a mirror right neat the door.  Here in this Pacific Heights project - we went a bit wild and mirrored an entire wall.  

The Seating.  
Depending on the available space, I love placing a small chair or ottoman as part of the entryway's furnishings.  It's just the perfect place to slip shoes on or off - or drop off a shopping bag just inside the door.

The Jewel-Box.
These lovely spaces are the first thing we see upon entering our homes - and the last moment we have before going out into the world.  Let's make them exciting.  Use great wallpaper.  Use beautiful furniture.  Be sure they're functional - and then make them amazing.  And always leave a wee spot for some flowers.  A little container of blossoms always makes the day better.



Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

So many beautiful entry ways. I LOVE the first one with the mirrored wall, its gorgeous!

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Elizabeth - thank you SO much!


Anonymous said...

I love-love-love the mirrored wall! SO beautiful!
btw--also really love your new blog header.

Merlin said...

"Foxed" mirror is absolutely "the best!!" Luv what you did!! franki

Notes From ABroad said...
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