"Pink and Green . . . "


Since I posted a little 'before & after' tale for y'all earlier in the week - I thought I'd share some other memories from my time in the Hamptons last summer for the Hampton Showcase House sponsored by Traditional Home.  As one might image - a great many of the designers who you think might be friends - are, in fact, great friends!  The sad part is that we rarely have the opportunity to see each other as we're often separated by incredible distance.  But - at a design showcase house - we get to hang out once again. 

I want to share the work of two good friends . . . great designers . . . and fellow Hampton Showcase House participants.  

I was in Los Angeles early last Spring - and on my way to the gala opening of the Legends of La Cienega - when I stopped by another hotel to pick up the ever talented and sassy Denise McGaha.  She was visiting from Dallas - and, as always - she hopped into my cab and we were chatting away as though we had never been apart.  We were both giddy.  I had a secret.  But, I didn't know if I should give it away.  Finally, I had to say something.  "Denise!  I just found out that I'm going to be in the Hampton Showcase House!"  To which she replied - "What!?!?!?!?!?  I'M going to be in the Hampton Showcase House TOO!"   

We immediately began to plot.  We should travel at the same time.  We could share the car and hotel expenses.  We should use the same painter.  And movers.  And delivery dates.

Neither of us knew what we were going to do at the house - but, we already had a partner in crime!  Hot damn.  

As the install date grew ever closer - I started to really dig through our advance information to see who else was going to be there.  Installing showcase rooms can be a bit (or incredibly!) stressful - so it's always reassuring to know that there will be some fun folks there too.  And "fun folks" describes Brian Patrick Flynn perfectly.  Incredibly tall.  Incredibly Southern.  Incredibly talented.  I couldn't wait to see what Brian was going to create for his room. 

Denise took what had been a cavernous guest bedroom and created a most chic, modern twist on the classic Hamptons style.  All the expected elements are here; tortoise, leather, rattan, linen, lacquer, and a gallery wall worthy of an English manor.  But, the entire space feels so fresh and modern!  The green tortoise-shell wallpaper wraps the room like a lush, garden hedge - and creates the most dramatic background for a perfect collection of sleek furniture and accessories.  Denise added in a little bit of shimmer with some metallic-infused textiles - and the room was flawless.

Brian, was plotting to bring something fresh and bold and looked to the colour wheel for something . . . well something fresh and bold.  Seriously, the rooms practically pulsed with colour.  But, the balance was perfect.  Boldly painted trim and grasscloth in fuschia yeilded to simple jute floor coverings and fresh white-painted furniture.  Oversized accessories also kept everything 'in balance' with the bright palette.  And a little faux-Zebra never hurt the style of a room!  

And thus - here we are (photographed by another great friend Allison!) at a glorious dinner just after the opening gala for the house last summer.  I know that I'm EXHAUSTED.  And I can assume that Denise and Brian are as well.  But, Lord - we must have talked until after midnight.  Exhaustion be damned.  Who knew when we'd have a chance to see each other and hang out together again.  

You can see the entire 2015 Hampton Showcase House in the latest issue of Traditional Home Magazine



lovsjaz said…
Y'all couldn't get any cuter! Congratulations!
Merlin said…
I do believe you and "yours" talents feed off one another...just glorious rooms!!! franki
lisa said…
Preppy colors - pink and green - love them, and LOVE the room in the first pic. Thank you for this pink and green post, Scot.
Unknown said…
Just loved your room. Amazing decor as always. I work for Boca do Lobo. Would love to cooperate with you in a blog post...what do you think? Please write to press@bocadolobo.com so we can share ideas ina future cooperation.

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