"Going to the Dogs . . . "

Even little Buster is feeling 10 feet tall -
in his SMW Home Tartan Dog Collar!


One of the best parts about our Pop-Up Shop here in San Francisco is the endless parade of dogs that stop in to see me.  San Francisco has always been known as being to VERY dog-friendly city - and I can assure you that it's true!  Ollie and Redford and Buster and all of my four-legged neighborhood friends stop in for a drink of water or a dog treat! 

And they're not just friends - they're customers too!

Have a look . . .

(we also have dog bowls in toile too!)

- jauntily modeled by Redford during his visit to the store last weekend!

We also have the collars in small too
If you're in the neighborhood - stop by and say hi (puppies included!) 3255 Sacramento Street!  Or you can always shop for your puppies online at ScotMeachamWoodHome!  
Good boy!


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