"Design Inspiration - Ryder Tartan . . . . "


Since we've already noted Sebastian . . . clearly, Charles Ryder should get a textile too!  

Brideshead Revisited has always been one of my favourite books - and Charles Ryder has always fascinated me.  He is character is so incredibly flawed and completely awed by his relationship to Sebastian and the entire Flyte family.  I've always felt that we begin to see Charles' true character during the Christmas Hunt at Brideshead - so I wanted his textile to have a very particular 'hunting' quality to it.  

We started with a glorious base colour of  'riding coat red' . . . and then layered in these bright blues and greens (a slightly olive green - noting the WWI sequence in the novel) . . . punctuated with a jolt of citron yellow.

SMW Home's Ryder Tartan.
Funnily enough, I never even considered calling this "Charles."  It was always Ryder.  It seemed inappropriate to use something as informal and familiar as a first name for this textile.  

Also available in a charming dog bed!

Next, we'll even get cast members from Harry Potter involved!



Love seeing the inspiration behind the fabrics - great!
thanks Stefan!

Karena said…
I agree with Stefan, the inspiration behind your creations is always fascinating, Scot!

The Arts by Karena
tammy j said…
you are such fun!
you make losing downton abbey a little more bearable.
the ryder tartan is exquisite.
Merlin said…
Clearly!! franki

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