"Design Inspiration - Radecliff Tartan . . . "


Some of these require very little explanation . . . because sometimes it's just simple.

That amazing cover shot of Daniel Radcliffe from Flaunt Magazine came with me to Scotland . . . and we created this . . .  

 SMW Home's "Radecliffe Tartan"

One of the more fascinating parts of designing the tartans for SMW Home is that the basic "design" is preset.  You are designing a striped pattern that will then be re-used in the opposing direction.  So the real fun comes in manipulating the colours and the impact that they have in relation to each other.  Sometimes the most important aspect is the intersection of colours as the each stripe crosses every other stripe as it travels across the fabric.  I love the areas where the peacock blue and emerald green overlap!  And that tiny magenta windowpane with the black guard stripes really punches of the palette.

The name somehow got misspelled over the multiple versions of spreadsheets and emails - and at some point it just stayed the way! 



Karena said…
Scot ,the Radecliffe is gorgeous! I love this rich palette with the bursts of magenta and white stripes!

Featuring Artist Scott McBee
An excellent interpretation of your vision of that cover woven in your pattern!
Vickie H. said…
What Victoria and Karena said.....really LOVELY! And I know it is just me, but I could not have borne that misspelling for even one second!!!

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