"Friday Flashback . . . "

Scot Meacham Wood Design,  photography by
Thayer Allison Gowdy for House Beautiful 


It all started on June 28th, 2013.  It had been a quiet Friday afternoon here in the office.  I'd run out to a quick lunch with my friend David (who works nearby) and was settling in for a simple wind-up from a slightly hectic week.

Then I noticed that there was a phone message.

So I grabbed a pen and rustled up a piece of paper.  


"You have one un-heard message."

"press 1, to hear messages."


"Scot.  Hey, it's Doretta from House Beautiful.  We were reviewing 
projects for the Dec/Jan issue, and we'd like to 
shoot your apartment as part of the editorial spread.  
Call me when you get a second and let's look at calendars!'

Um.  Ok.  

Called my Mom.

Called my boyfriend.

Called my PR agent. 

Then I sat down and tried to breathe.  

So after chatting with New York and comparing calendars . . . . exactly one year ago today . . . on an bright, sunny Friday morning in early September . . . Doretta, the editor from House Beautiful, and the photo crew (headed up the sublime Thayer Allison Gowdy!)  showed up for two day photo shoot - full of hilarity and magic.  Balancing light values.  Shuffling accessories around.  Capturing moments on film of my own home that I had never seen before. 

Here's a little background . . . 

From the beginning - we had a laptop set-up so we could preview images a full
size . . . and start framing out pages as we were shooting . . . .

I grabbed my iPhone for a few shots of the process.
I've often noted, I have one of the "smallest kitchen in America."
Well, you should be seen me, Doretta, Thayer, Thayer's 1st assistant, 
and her 2nd assistant - ALL piled in the kitchen working to get the best image.
There was a stack of red tartan plates and a fawn-shaped butter dish that we must have
moved 20 times . . . lol. 

This ended up being one of my favourite images of the house.  As many of you know, my china and table service collection is sort of . . . um, I don't know . . . vast.  But, I love the mixture of artwork in here - from the early 1900's McIan tartan prints - to my "Henry V" poster from the RSC - that I got in London in 2003.

Onward to the bedroom . . . 
Lordy - we fussed and fussed and fussed with this image . . . and never could quite get it to do anything . . . . so . . . .

After shifting the camera and opening up the image.
Magically.  This happened.  

At one point on that first day . . . Doretta was nosing around the apartment . . . opened a doorway down near the entrance to house and exclaimed, "Oh, this is MARVELOUS.  Bring the camera."

I quickly zipped over to the vanity . . . and gave things a quick re-org - just so it looked a bit more Kiehls face products and a bit less Crest toothpaste.  And, we found this great shot!

I'll continue to share some of these images over the next few weeks . . . but, today clearly required recognition.



Karena said…
Scot, the very first time I saw the shot of your living room, I nearly fell over. Your home looks fabulous and I am thrilled that all if your art is featured so beautifully!

The Arts by Karena
Unknown said…
What a fabulous experience for you, Scot! As a designer, I can relate to your angst during the shoot, though...
Merlin said…
I LOVE THIS!!!!! Scot, THIS IS SO FUN! franki
Anonymous said…
Just one year ago. One phone call can change everything. Congratulations.
David Fuller
Karen said…
So well deserved! And there isn't anything I don't love about your home (and why do sets of china just speak to me? It's not like I have dinner parties:) Congrats and thanks for sharing with us . . .
Ccongrats Scot live hearing about the process!!
I could look at your home a million times over. Sigh...
La Dolfina said…
Your house is amazing!!!
Debbie said…
I've just discovered your blog today. Your apartment is beautiful. Congratulations!!!!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! I adore all the tartan.
I absolutely love your style.

If I could afford an interior designer I'd totally hire you;).

Also, if I lived somewhere more European, less Arabic....

If only I had a Georgian townhouse in Drogheda, a flat in London, or a house in Victoria, BC, Canada (and could afford an inteior designer.....).

Always read your blog but seldom comment.

Much love, and congratulations on the shoot and recognition from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

ElevenGables said…
I have the biggest crush on you and your aesthetic! Thank you for sharing with us and keeping us inspired!
xox, Emily @ 11gables.blogspot.com

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