10 September, 2014

"Bringing Civility to the Internet . . . "


You can read more about it . . . here.



Karena said...

Scot I made a comment on Facebook regarding inappropriate blog comments, which aren't allowed at The Arts by Karena.People can agree to disagree politely or go away, especially anonymous hatefulness!

The Arts by Karena

Unknown said...

Interesting. I sometimes post a comment (complimentary, or a question) but never read the others, for all the reasons well said in the article.
I am reminded of a psychological study of middle school age children. It was found that if even one child objected to a mean comment or a bullying action the rest of the group pulled back from attack.
I am dismayed by the nastiness on the web.
Sadly, as extreme as it is on blogs dedicated to aesthetics it is ever so much worse in politics and world events.
I sometimes wonder how we can go on with such destructive forces at play.
And, finally, I am truly sorry for the times that this blog has endured unkind words.

Kathleen said...

We need to teach manners. Obviously, people are getting much worse. It's become fashionable to be obnoxious. Oh gosh this post has really got my rant started haha. Why can't we all just get along?!!

Karen said...

I'm a small blogger and haven't a ton of followers, maybe I'm glad about that. I have read comments that border on hateful and wonder why? If you don't like something, stop reading it. We all know there are more blogs on design than one could possibly read in a lifetime, why not select the writer and designer you feel a kinship with or admiration for and ignore those you don't relate to? It's very sad.

Notes From ABroad said...

Since life has given me a few big smacks in the face in the past year, I find that I am more respectful of Other people. Because if I have a sore heart and walk around on the verge of tears each day, how do I know someone/everyone else isn't also ?

The internet has taken away so much in the way of humanity .. faceless, with no repercussions, say anything you want .. be an animal, no one will punish you.
That sort of thinking is the norm these days,
what a terrible way to live.

Suburbohemian said...

Thank you for posting this. There's design blog I like to read that sometimes gets huge amounts of nasty comments. They seem to be of the trolling variety and border on the personal. Even when the trolls are not out in force, there is a tendency for some commenters to use words like "cheap","tacky" and "ugly" to describe a home that are lived in by families who'll be reading the posts.
Your article was reprinted by another other design related pub and the comments took a turn for the worse there. I think there's more to this behavior than a casual lack of civility, although that is rampant online.

Suburbohemian said...

Correction: checked the other site today and apparently things were moderated.

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