"Sunday Runway - Tendrils . . . "

Patrick Sullivan in the Ralph Lauren ad campaign Fall 2012


It's often quite nice to put a name with a face . . . and as we often do around these parts, I like to make sure everyone's "Hello.  My Name is" tags are properly filled out.

You'll most likely recognize him immediately - those long, dark tendrils and brooding good looks have graced the magazine pages and the fashion runways for numerous seasons - a regular player in a long line of Ralph Lauren print adverts . . . or on the runway for Michael Bastian

So . . . enjoy a few moments with Patrick Sullivan . . . 

Patrick Sullivan on the runway for Michael Bastian



Merlin said…
YESSSS Sir! franki
Donna said…
He is definitely gorgeous (especially the black and white photo); do you have any of him smiling? He looks so sad, I would love to see him happy! Donna
Donna -

I did a bit of poking around - and there's only a few images of Patrick smiling . . . he's clearly more of a 'brood-er' . . . especially on film.

Stephen Dunlap said…
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