"Colour. Scheming . . . "


We're working on a little project around these parts and it has involved pulling various colour inspirations.  We've been tacking pictures on boards in the office . . . and I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with y'all.

It's clearly a lush, autumnal palette . . . but, with a bit more vibrancy than one might expect.

Have a peek . . . and let me know your favourite . . .


(images from here.)


tammy j said…
holy conoly.
as apposed to holy crap!
i love them all.
and the added luxury of the textures implied in each picture.
beautiful vibrancy.
what fun!
Jeannine520 said…
The green hill, moss covered stone and grey sky is my favorite.

Have a great weekend!
Sarah said…
For me it's a toss up between image #1 and # 8. Two very different moods but both pull me in. Wonderful idea for color scheming.
Karena said…
Hi Scot, Really love The magenta and Blues; actually makes a good combination.

2013 Artists Series
YONKS said…
The first and third, mauve and green, so rich and opulent!
Incidentally, I thought I was looking at your home when I saw the RL Apt. No.1 photos. Stylish.
CiciBianca said…
Aubergine and Evergreen - A perfect combination.
david said…
Scott, What a rich treasure chest of images. If I may mix metaphors, it's like drinking from the fire-hose. Can you assemble a "Downton Abbey Palette" of colors for clothing and interiors? The images from the posh sit-com appear often in your collection of images. Thank you for the thoughtful pleasure you offer.
Anonymous said…
Love the mossy green landscape! Was it taken somewhere in Ireland?

The little funny owl face runs a close second.
I love the denims with gold, I am currently doing a mini makeover on my living room with new pillows of denim, beige and touches of gold. I love the new Aztec patterns mixed with stripes.

Lee :)
Suzanne said…
The satin shirt and chevron buttons - so intriguing!
Cameo said…
Hard decision love,..... the green mossy hills of Ireland-New Zealand??? for my sixteen year old daughter,... pour moi,....... the intense purple flower........love the layers of purple.........alot like life.......natural layers are much more interesting.....don't you agree?
Merlin said…
Bring it ALL on!! franki

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