"Let's Give Away 'The Bar Cart' . . . "


You know . . . let's have some fun around here. Or at least an afternoon of cocktails.  You will recognize our little jaunty yellow lacquer bar cart from our partnership with Landon at The Gilded Stag - used in our recent room at the 2013 Peninsula Volunteers Inc Showcase House.  Well . . . as marvelous as it looked in our showcase room - there's not really any room for it here in the SMWD offices . . . so . . . we decided to just have a little contest and give it away!

Okay.  Let's kinda slog through some of the details . . . 

Here are the specifications on the custom piece from The Gilded Stag - it measures 42 inches wide and 40 inches tall - with a depth of 20 inches.  It has bright chrome casters and a chrome handle on one side.   We designed it with a mixture of 2 mirrored and 1 glass shelf . . . which can be placed in any order on the piece (yes, though the original specs called for 2 glass and one mirrored shelf - we updated it while it was in production!).   It's a mixture of classical lines with a bit of chinoiserie - all wrapped in a bright lacquered yellow finish! 

And our little bar has already had a very interesting life . . . beginning when it was custom made in Arkansas - followed by its flight to California for our showcase house.  So it's got all its travel papers - as well as its original crate used for shipping.

So . . . here are the details of how to enter the contest.  Please send in (via email to BarCartContest@SMWDesign.com) your favourite summer cocktail recipe!  And if you're feeling especially jaunty - send in a picture of yourself with your cocktail!  As usual . . . we'll be posting images and recipes here on the blog for the next few weeks.  Deadline for entries will be on Sunday June 23 at noon (here on the west coast).

Then . . . we'll have a random drawing from all the entries . . . and "the winner" will be announced on Monday June 24th.  The winning entry will be responsible for the freight charges to have the cart delivered to you locally.

You can also purchase a slightly smaller one through Joy and Revelry here - or maybe you need your bar cart to be slightly different - in which case contact Landon at The Gilded Stag - and create a custom one of your own!

Good luck - and let's get those cocktail recipes and pictures in for the contest - I can't wait to see what y'all are drinking this summer!



Are you kidding me?! this is the most amazing give away ever! I'm off to rack my brains on my favorite summer drink and get a picture!
Not Scarlett said…
I have emailed my recipe and a photograph. It is a great day for a Sazerac!
Wow!thats one very bright little bar cart. I have been looking at buying a new little car and having to settle for silver as the sunshine yellow I wanted was way more expensive.

Shame I cannot be in for this give away but it would cost you more than the cart to ship it over here.

Good luck to that lucky person.

Lee :)
Karena said…
What?!?! Seriously Scot, I will be entering this contest. That barcart is fabulous beyond!

Art by Karena
La Dolfina said…
Oh my I die!
That bar cart is seriously over the top fabulous!!!!!
I too will be back with a cocktail entry stat!
In love is an understatement :)
You and Landon are the BEST! N.G.
Unknown said…
Scott, that cart is A-mazing....but what I really want are your pants...They are just "Bonkers" cool. Are they Lilly? Are they still available? They would certainly be eaiser to ship across the country.
Merlin said…
Roll that little darlin my way...and lets "toast" with...the "O" drink...don't ask..” Drink

~40 oz mango nectar
1 – 12 oz container frozen orange juice conc.

~56 oz pineapple juice (chilled)
~13 oz Capt Morgan’s Spiced Rum

1. Combine mango nectar with orange juice concentrate and freeze in ice cube trays (each cube is about 1 oz of liquid).
2. For each drink, blend 3 cubes, 3 oz cold pineapple juice and 3/4 oz Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum until smooth.

Makes about 16 - 18 drinks. franki

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