02 June, 2013

"Sunday Runway - Are You in LUV . . . "


Hey!  Are you on Luvocracy?   I just discovered it a few weeks back - and it's been kinda fun playing with a new form of social media - so, I thought I'd help my friends over at Luvocracy out . . . by helping to spread the word.  Yes, there are a LOT of social media options out there . . . and yes, sometimes it can be somewhat overwhelming to think that there's *something* else . . .  But, the good part about Lucocracy is . . . it's all about SHOPPING. 

So . . . much like my pinterest page - Luvocracy is perfect for tagging those items that I find online - and saving all of my online shopping links in one place.  AND - because there's a 'social aspect' of the site as well . . . I can peruse through other folk's favourite finds - and share my of your own recommendations with friends and family.  Luvocracy also allows me to buy directly from their site - so that I'm not clicking back and forth between websites.  I've purchased a few things through the site - and the shipping and communications has been great thus far.  

Take a look . . . .

So hop over and take a gander at my page . . . and let me know some of your favourites!


1 comment:

Karen Albert said...

Hmm I would have to say your book selections; especially "Designers Home; Personal Reflections on Stylish Living", in which I know you are featured!

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