31 October, 2012

"High Point, Fall 2012 . . . "

whenever hanging out (as we were at the Hickory Chair Showroom)
with Ronda Carman and Shay Geyer - hilarity will clearly ensue. 


I wanted to bring you some highlights of my recent trip to High Point Furniture Market . . . a week-long event launching the new lines of furniture and accessories from almost every manufacturer you can imagine. 

Oh, and frankly, there are some great parties too.

So here . . . in no particular order . . . and a few highlight of High Point

The Hickory Chair Showroom

Thomas O'Brien, for Hickory Chair.

Loving the new collection from the amazing Alexa Hampton!  Classical details.  Graceful proportions.  And tons of drama. 

A quick pic with my sweet friend Alexa.  Besides her style and creativity - one of her best assets is her vocabulary.  Seriously, if you get a chance to meet her . . . just say 'hi' and ask her a question . . . and then . . . let her talk! 

A part of the new collection from Suzanne Kasler.   Beach-inspired.  Finely detailed. And great American style.

More from Hickory Chair - new pieces from Mariette Himes Gomez.
The Pearson Furniture Showroom

You know, I always love a good dining bench.  It's a great way to section off and define a dining space, when it's part of a larger room.  

I seemed to see a great deal of shagreen.  Including this marvelous chest from Pearson too! 

And I LOVE this little chair . . . and frankly, I love the tone-on-tone chinoiserie inspired textile just as much.  Love! 
The Bernhardt Showroom 

One of my biggest 'issues' with High Point . . . is that it's simply enormous.  And one can never take in the entire place.  So, for me, sometimes I wonder if I'm actually spotting a trend . . . or just seeing things that I adore.
So take this pronouncement with a little grain of salt . . . but . . . 

. . . I seemed to see a great deal of brass everywhere.  One reason for the aforementioned 'salt' is - I love brass finishes.  My office is mainly in a polished nickel . . . but, my home in mostly brass.
And I'm loving this almost 70's inspired space.  And those brass open-bookcases are MARVELOUS! 

And I seemed to see a great many over-sized mirrors.  Whether you're in the design biz or not, you should know that mirrors are your best friends.  They create depth and space where none might exist.  And they do wonders for lighting. 
The Parties . . . 

With Ronda Carman and Tammy Connor - at the Rizzoli Book-Signing . . .
Ronda was there promoting her new book Designers at Home  that features the private homes of interior designers (including both Tammy and me!)  

Me and Christian May - two people who are often confused for each other.  This photo was sorta just to prove that we were, in fact, not the same person!

With Newell Turner (editor-in-chief of the Hearst Design Group) at the Hearst Party . . . 

And super-charmng Corey Jenkins . . . at the same event! 

and this might give you a little idea of the madcap atmosphere at the Hearst Party.  Piles and piles of people - and all having a great time! 
Until next market - cheers,


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


This looks like a fabulous, but tiring week!

Thanks for sharing! I love "All the Best" Rhonda is so talented!

Take care, Elizabeth

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

When work is this much fun, you know you are doing the right thing!

Great photos!

Unknown said...

OMG you and Christian May DO look alike...I thought you were brothers. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful products with us and that plaid dining bench had your name written all over it.

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

I love going to High Point. Nothing like it to get the creative blood rushing! Loved your pics.

Merlin said...

The Bernhardt Showroom - GORGEOUS! franki

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