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"Good afternoon, this is Scot."

"Good afternoon Scot.  Just a quick call to tell you - we LOVE our new living room.  It really is more than I could have ever dreamed of.  And I've got another little project I'd like you to take a look at.  Could you swing by the house this afternoon?  I think you're gonna love this challenge!"

I don't know about y'all - but, I totally LOVE these kinds of calls.  I like a little challenge now and again - maybe something like turning a random, dis-used little room into a glorious, tartan-upholstered office - complete with custom cases to display a vast collection of racing trophies. 

Here we are - just after we began construction.  Because it's clearly a small space - and we were going to cut the size of the room even further with all the bookcases - I wanted to be sure that we had GREAT lighting.  To begin with, I updated and increased the recessed lighting.  But, that wasn't the only trick I had up my sleeve . . . 

After the custom case-line was installed . . . 

. . . we also mirrored the backs of all the shelving.  It brought some extra depth to the smallish room - and also helped to reflect the existing lighting.

And then it was 'plaid day.'  Or more accurately 'plaid several days.'  And Lee Jofa had the perfect tartan for the project!  There was a GREAT deal of discussion - as we began the project - as to whether we would install the custom cabinets first, and then upholster around them - or vice versa.  In the end, it just seemed to make more sense to do the 'hard construction' of the cabinets first . . . and then deal with the padded textile walls afterwards. 

But, that also meant that we were going to need miles of double-welting to trim all the edges of the upholstery.  

So after a few days - upholstery is all set . . . we just need to finish installing the lighting . . . and we're all set to go. 

And 'go' we did.  The room feels almost like a little side chapel in a church!  Flawlessly hushed and private.  

And wonderful little room - and the perfect home office. 



Kat Gordon said…
Just when I thought I knew the limits of your genius...

EAC said…
MaryBeth said…
I wish I knew what the other looks like after they were willing to do this, amazing clients, amazing decorator.
Anonymous said…
Stunning. LOVE your "hushed" description. Upholstered walls are like Buccellati to me...this room = divine. xo Ann McD
Yes, I'll take that one, please. Just beautiful. I always love visiting. It's always like visiting home.
Very handsome indeed. A wonderful room I'd feel proud and confident in..
You rock as usual,
Stunning transformation! Those walls are to-die-for and the cases are such a beautiful and stylish way to display the treasures! Fab!
Vickie H. said…
OMG! So wonderful I am speechless!!! I am in total awe of YOU!!!
You are a magician. This is fabulous and wonderful.
Merlin said…
LUV the mirrored backs...I just did this in my kitchen pantry and POP! The office is a hit!!! franki
Shirley said…
Now that is inspirational! I always enjoy your posts and had to comment on this one because you shared the "process". I'd love to do something like this someday!
Shirley said…
Now that is inspirational! I always enjoy your posts and had to comment on this one because you shared the "process". I'd love to do something like this someday!
firstly - thank you all for your kind feedback. I am SUPER pleased with how our little project turned out!

And as some of you have noted - the best part of any design project is a GREAT client! SO thanks to the home owners as well . . . for their vision and their trust!

Anonymous said…
I love that story!

We LIVE for those calls!

Nice job You made heaven in a "closet"

I adore it when brilliant decorators succeed all over the place! I adore it beyond!


ps we are coming up to the SF Antiques Show again! (there was a decade we missed it!)

You and I met by chance.......which works.....What a great show!

i ran into all kinds of my fave humans! And my husband (who grew up up there! It was like an anthology of his childhood! )

We are all scoping the antiques! Shall we play it by ear/ Maybe! We end up having dinner!

I will never forget you and your plaids....and most of all! Your wonderful and excited face you and I saw Diane Dorrans Saeks......I was the " luckiest luckout" I have ever known!!

Hope to see you.....and you are unmistakable!

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