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It's not that I want to upset anyone out there . . . I know that a great many of you drop in here for a quick respite from your day's hectic activities.  Maybe a little something to inspire your own creativity. Or to see a little glimpse behind the scenes here at SMW Design.  But.  Seriously.  Not that you need to panic.  But.  It's like 102 days until Christmas.

Now, long time readers of my little missives will know that I'm a huge fan of the holidays.  That I start planning each year's holiday decorations months in advance.  (and, yes - I have a few minor sketches of this year's celebrations at the house.)

But, while relaxing on the sofa last evening (after watching the season finale of True Blood),  I saw it.  Almost in its entirety.  The colour story.  The greenery.  And even part of the menu for one of the cocktail parties at the house.  I can't wait to get started . . .

And.  While we're on the topic of the upcoming holidays - just because we had SO much fun last year.  Let's have our "Holiday Decorating Contest" again this year.  No reason to yabber on about prizes or judges at this point.  Just sending out the information in advance.  Get those thinking caps on.

If you need some inspiration - here's a little peek of Holidays past from here at the house . . .



Oh boy, as a fellow Christmas decorating fanatic I would so love to hang out at your place during the holidays. Can't wait to see you decorations for this year's festivities!
Seriously, I have not been with you that long, and I'm so damn excited I can hardly stand it... I want to "see it" and I can not wait! Looking forward to participating in any contest you might put together... I'm not as good at getting out loads of Christmas decor, but can definitely put a tablescape together that might cause a stir...
Looking forward!!
Happy Holidays!
I love, love love your house! I am a tartan fanatic and I am in awe each and everytime I see photos of your spectacular "Scotish Manor".

I cannot wait to see your decorations this year!!!!
When is the party and what time??? LOVE!!!!
Bob Urbanowski said…
Your place looks like a cross between an old manor house and a traditional British pub with some modern colour and vibrancy thrown in.. very cool.
Daniel Shigo said…
What I really love about your apt Scot absent the Holiday decorations is the daring dark walls. I'm still thinking of how I might pull something off like that, and your apt certainly is the inspiration. Beautiful and warm!
Merlin said…
Eeeeek! Those plaid chairs!!!!! They are GORGEOUS!!! franki
I am excited too! Thanks for the beautiful post and something to be inspired by for my favorite season!
Karen T. said…
WOW! I'm so excited to see what you come up with this year. The Christmas season is also my favorite time of the year.
I agree. The drama created by the dark backgrounds in your apartment are fabulous and you are a master of contrast and lighting.
Deb's mind said…
You make my heart go thump..thump...thump.....very fast and loud. I LOVE your home. Christmas should last from Labor day until the first week in January. Lets start a trend!!!!!
you are too fabulous.
i can't believe xmas is so near.

thank you for reminding me to
'put on my thinking cap'
....that explains a lot....

i need to wear it EVERYDAY.

Vickie H. said…
I am so envious that you can "see" it!!! That is such a gift! My idea of "seeing it" is visiting your blog and every shelter mag I can get my hands on! You have me excited though. And when I see those yellow plaid chairs my heart skips a beat they are THAT gorgeous!!! In my mind, it wouldn't be the holidays without a peek into the wonderful world of SMW!
Kelley S. said…
Love, love, love this post! It proves one can be glamorous and cozy at the same time. Do you change out anything in the warm weather months? I live in the HOT South, so we have to lighten up our cozy looks or we'll suffocate, but I really prefer dark and cozy.

RE: True Blood - are you as happy as I am that Eric fixed up Sookie's house? So much better. If he shows up at my door, he is totally invited in for more than one reason. ;-)
Karen said…
LOL! As a Christmas junkie myself 102 days is nothing! I'm seriously freaked out that I'll never have enough time to get all of the ideas in my brain implemented in time. I guess I'll have to rely on your continued inspiration. I LOVE the images you've posted today!
Good heavens! Is it that time again? Maybe it's the new Ralph campaign, but I'm feeling Deco this year.
D.B. said…
I can never get enough of your home and all the eye candy within! Thanks for such a glorious respite.
Kelley S - Yes, the house doesn't live at that same level of tweedy-ness all year long - though, luckily, because of our infamously chilly summers here - I can keep a good deal of the house's 'cozy' feeling throughout most of the year.

mbwife said…
The second picture (the bedroom) is so beautiful. I don't quite get the christmas connection other than the general tweedy-ness, but it is just stunning.
Wasp Decor said…
I love your blog. I just found it the other day and it truly inspires this wasp to do *something* with my house back in DC. I'm in Maine for the summer and looking at all these Christmas pics gets me excited to head back and just re-do the whole house!
I've been looking at your photos and I found a few of the same ones that inspire me in my Macbook folder.
Excellent blog.
Paisley Curtain said…
Your Christmas decorations are extraordinary, and of course inspiration for all of us. I love your home, it is so nicely done,(it is supposed to be, you being an interior designer). A lot of magic is behind the dark walls, they make everything pop up beautifully, am I right?
enjoy party i love party
Vickie H. said…
Wanted to email you but don't see how to do that so will just add a comment to this older post of yours and hope you receive it. Got the new Gump's Holiday Catalog in the mail and on page 22 the absolute CUTEST ever Scottish Santa in adorable tartan plaid with bagpipes! If you have NOT seen this item, you MUST!!! You will definitely want to add it to your collection as I intend to...he is ADORABLE and right up your alley! If you don't have the catalog but want to search their web site, the item # in this catalog is:
LB 149505 Happy shopping!

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