26 August, 2011

"Black and White . . . "

From HERE.


Okay.  This is one of those occasions when I see an image of a home.  And LOVE it.  And also know that I could not have this charming little bathroom for myself.  I've also been drawn back to this image numerous times over the last few days since I've seen it.  Intrigued at each of the pictures.  Wondering about the life they all represent.  But, I know I wouldn't replicate it.

I always try to remember when I'm surfing around looking at interior design images - these rooms where never designed to please me.  They have been designed (either through the incredible talents of an interior designer - or through the great innate style of the occupant - or, ever better - both!) to delight the lucky soul that has the pleasure of residing there.  So pictures like this one both charm and inspire me - though I can't really see it as a part of my own home.  My response is never black or white.  It's never "I need to find that exact same sink"  Or "How could someone live with all that art on the walls!"

I try to see the homeowner.  And project their emotions about living in the space . . .

Imagine starting your day in the midst of this frenzy of memories.  Seeing great friends each morning.  Being surrounds by all manner of nostalgia each night before bed.

Oh, it's beginning to work its magic charm on me once again.



Carl said...

I see a lot of work that I admire. A lot of spaces that I respect and am at awe with. Some of these spaces I would not myself replicate or dwell within. But these spaces were not done for me or by me or in fact with me. None the less, I am happy for the recipients and the creators for it is they who have the pleasure of enjoying first hand. With that said many of these images speak to some innate emotion, they trigger a visual response that I benefit from sometimes unknowingly. But I am a romantic and I ramble....

A Perfect Gray said...

crazy about spaces like these - so much personality...

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I understand how you can look at something and love it for what it is but never want to try to replicate it. One hopes that these things come to be organically and can't really be reproduced because they are as personal as a fingerprint.
I find the image thought provoking and wonder where a gallery like that might work for me.

Maureen @ Modecor said...

So True. Same with fashion. Might ..LOVE it, but could never wear it.

Cynna said...

It's amusing and very personal and I like the black walls. a fun look for a city apt. I had a childhood friend whose home had a black-walled powder room. Very ornate and progressive for the late '60s.
My only regret about unframed photos in a bathroom: they curl and easily collect dust.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! And most of all; brilliant of you to see how amazing it is!

Here is my theory of it! It is a "powder room"; a 1/2 bath in a larger space....not the only bathroom....for guests, mainly.

It is a "memory space" with "memories of the owner of places he/she has been; favorite pictures of spaces and friends......Just a guess.

My husband grew up in Pacific Heights in San Francisco....and his father (a total social fixture at all San Francisco parties and restaurants) had a powder room wallpapered with "matchbook covers" Opened up and stuck to the wall.....(no matches.just the covers!!!!
Brilliant......if you ask me. The powder room is a great place to make a grand statement!

You don't have to see it every day; but your guests might find it fascinating!
I want to spend about two days in here!!


ps the black walls ,Cynna is so correct , are the only way here!

p.s. Just lacquer them. no dust. no curling. That is what happened in San Francisco in the 50's!! stuck on the walls and then shellacked! Wow!!!!

Tess said...

I used to have my bathroom COVERED with pictures like this. Taped up! It is so funny how we enter different stages of our lives as we get older. NOW? I want everything CLEAN and uncomplicated. I used to love antiques and french country charm. NOW....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Frank Lloyd Wright style. How funny! Love your words on the subject! T:)

columnist said...

You make such an important point - that much of what we create in a house is personal - so that it becomes our home. I think you can take a concept and develop it to suit yourself.

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