"Sunday Runway, Summer Is a Verb . . . "


Alrighty y'all.  I've always considered 'summer' as being comprised of three holidays.  Memorial Day.  4th of July.  And Labor Day.  So just by doing some very simple math - we're two down and one to go.  So, if you've got summer clothes that need wearing - I would recommend that you get started!

Gingham.  Prints.  Madras.  Bucks.  Patchwork.  Right now.  Summer's not going to dress itself . . .



Love everything about this post!! Every single clothing item from gingham to the colorful LP prints and that first picture is downright dreamy!!
Love it all.
Brings out the inner preppy in me... no wait, there's no inner... preppy is my daily uniform.

Just love seeing guys in it.
They were it so damn well.

LOVE it.
Unknown said…
Love a man in white bucks! A good friend had on red/white stripped pants and white bucks at the 4th of July - he was casual summer perfection!!

Hope you've got some sun now!
That peony boutineer is fabulous! Every picture looked like my son! He could be an ad!!!!!:):) I, too, have been wearing my summer clothes and loving it!!!!!!!!!!!! Pinky
I love all of these outfits! Fabulous! Who doesn't love the perfect summer outfit!
Ms. Smart said…
especially those on the east coast, midwest, and north.
good reminder.

it's save, save, save, save - oh wait summer's almost over I have got to wear this!

you profiled some fun choices.
My Summer ears were burning :)
cottagefarm said…
so much to love here! makes me nostalgic for my new england roots
Anonymous said…
Hear you!

Here in Santa Barbara people still dress for the "seasons" some actually wear fall and winter clothes!
Huh? It is 70 degrees all year! (and no bugs)!!

My friend in Palm Beach thinks we are totally "Queer" (meaning weird, not gay!)

I still wear my white linen skirts and white t-shirt uniform!!
I think I learned the uniform thing from the nuns!
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