"Thoughts and Prayers . . . "


I'm sure it's on all of our minds this weekend.  So I wanted to take some time away from posting pictures of beautiful interiors - and focus that energy on the ongoing tragedy in Japan.

I was just getting ready for bed on Thursday night - and looking through my twitter feed one last time before turning in for good - when I saw numerous postings about "Japan."  What followed was almost 3 or 4 hours of watching news from various sources - and just being gobsmacked at the damage.

And then it started getting really strange - at about 1am here the emergency broadcast system (the one that you see and hear tested all the time) actually came on - with the news of danger of another tsunami hitting San Francisco the next morning.

I ended up sleeping on the sofa that night.  Watching the television news off and on for the entire night.

Though we here in San Francisco weren't affected in any way, there was some damage along the California coastline.  It was amazing to see how large the effects of the quake were.  Thank you to everyone who reached out to me.

The Harbor in Santa Cruz during one of the wave surges.

And I'm watching coverage again this morning - we've got a long way to go.




Thank you for caring. I'm praying for all of the people in Japan. I hear the radiation is being violently high close to Tokyo. So, you see that the "bad news" don't stop here. This will bring more problems. They need our pray and also our help.

Thank you for expressing your sentiments about this.

Luciane at HomeBunch.com
Belle de Ville said…
This is a tragedy of such magnitude that it just leaves me speechless.
vignette design said…
I am afraid we are only beginning to understand the magnitude of devastation and loss of life. All we can do is pray and send a donation to the Red Cross at this point.
Life is so fragile and unpredictable. Will we ever understand it? I was complaining about a minor "flood" in my building due to a broken pipe and now I am watching devastation and tragedy. I really appreciate this post, I had one ready to publish yesterday (about Interiors) and I could not do it. Pray for Japan!
The devastation is almost unbelievable. I pray for all the people in Japan.
Reggie Darling said…
The images of the houses and buildings washed out to sea, burning, is something I shall never forget.
Unknown said…
Oh, I am so sad and stricken, friends of ours are there as well and we have not heard from them!
Many silent prayers!
online degree said…
This tragedy is very scared for Japan's people as well as all over the world. We should do prayer for all Japan's people.

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