"Dusty, but Neatly Stacked . . . "


OMG - this one kinda crept up on me . . . but, as I look at my calendar for the weekend is clearly says, "New York and the Hamptons." Yay. So, I'm feverishly getting every piece of patch-work madras and vintage seersucker organized and packed for an aggressively preppy visit with friends and clients in NY and the Hamptons.

Planning to get in some theatre. And there's a good bit of shopping on the agenda. Brunch here. Party there. And just being surrounded by all the energy that New York City offers - followed by the wondrous relaxation of strolling around the Hamptons.

And in preparations for the trip - I'm desperately trying to get the house in order. I've got workmen in next week and want to make sure everything is presentable - even in the middle of the project - I need things to look great . . . lol . . . and I insist that I return to a neat and tidy home. It makes that long flight back from the east coast a little less of a drudgery.

And in my organizing frenzy - I ran across a dusty (but, neatly stacked) pile of design magazines. My first thought was, "aw crap! more shelter mags to sort through?" But, as I was flipping through them (in an obvious attempt to delay my cleaning frenzy), it's clear what they are. A missing stack of favourites. I had wondered where they were. Carefully organized. I recognize every single cover. And the well worn spines that simply fall open. Images that make my spine tingle.

Like these from House and Garden, June 2004. God I miss this magazine. It's the Hampton's home of James and Whitney Fairchild. And they practically embody everything that is gracious and lovely about summer. White Linen. Beautiful antiques. Cool marble. Vintage wicker. I can almost feel the breeze wafting through the house.

an afternoon nap during a Hamptons install a few years back.

And with any luck - I can spend part of my weekend napping . . . dreaming of such wonderful places.

So, if you're in New York and think, "Wow, that guy on the vintage bicycle in the patchwork madras shorts looks JUST like Scot," - yell across the street - it might be me!

trying on my seersucker blazer,

House & Garden, June 2004
photography - Francois Halard


vignette design said…
Have a great time! (that photo of the kitchen with the wicker chairs made my heart skip a beat. I must have those chairs!)
Linda Merrill said…
I love seersucker! Safe travels!
MaryBeth said…
I still have that magazine because I too loved that house. They and it almost seem too perfect. Just like that balcony you are sunning on, I would love to see the rest of that house.
katiedid said…
I thought that last one was a magazine picture! Have a great time! I expect a full report!
Daniel Shigo said…
Hope you have a great time in this great city!
Reynolds Still said…
I'm jealous O'Great Tartan! New York and the Hamptons sound like a good time waiting to happen. Enjoy yourself and hopefully you'll be posting about your travel so I can read it!!!

Best regards,
Reynolds Still
Crimson Design said…
Wow I miss that magazine too! Have a fabulous time in NYC. Love that city.
The images from the Fairchild house: what's not to like! It's is just right!

Have a marvelous time on your trip and feel free to detour your return flight via The South! Have a ball!
Spockgirl said…
You lucky dog - New York, the Hamptons. Sweet. I have been checking out your posts after finding your blog in a rather "roundabout" fashion. I'm not in the design world, bur used to dream through all the magazines I could when I was younger. Can't afford anything anymore, but can still drool...er dream. Heavy sigh. I come back just as much for your sense of humour as the beautiful shots.
ZoeB said…
Is that a sarong or some choice trousers ! Envy the good weather you are about to have. We are still having rain and fog in the UK. Such fun.
Beautiful images and yes old magazines are at times an inspiration not just memories of the past. Enjoy your holiday.
Now I have never had a nap during an install. Clearly I need to learn a thing or two from you. :) Have a great time Scot!



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