"Happy Tartan Day 2010 . . . "

Greetings and Salutations!

Well, boys and girls, it's the day you've waited for all year. In 2005, Congress officially recognized April 6th as National Tartan Day in honour of all Scottish Americans. And well, I decided that I'm going to take things a bit further - and use the day to madly wallow in my delight in all things plaid.

An image framed in my bedroom.

So sit back. Relax. Enjoy a warm cup of Scottish Breakfast tea. And use your 'scroll' key with wild abandon. And peruse through some of my favourite tartan images. From the realm of interior design. From the runways of fashion. From automobiles. From the silver screen. Even something from the fields of livestock. Everything is busting out in tartan today . . .

Sarah Jessica Parker in vintage Emanuel Ungaro
And Matt Dillion isn't a bad accessory either . . .

Wrapped in tartan at the table.

Claiborne run amuck in plaid.

A little corner of my own home from Christmas past.
I've been collecting Victorian tartanware boxes for years.

Another image of my own place a few years back.
As you can imagine, I embrace 'the holidays' with a passion bordering on illness.

Every year. Everything changes.
(via my interview on Mr. Peacock)

The stairway at Castle Cawdor in northern Scotland.
I had the great joy of wandering around the castle for the better
part of a day a few years ago. There's some great shots of the castle
in the new book Highland Living.

Yes, even a tartan loo.
from Glenfeshie Lodge by Denton/Gardner.

The amazing new wallpaper from Vivienne Westwood from Cole and Sons.
Maybe this needs to be in the house somewhere . . . hmmmmm.

The wonderful tartan cheesecake from Isaac Mizrahi.
and let me tell you - this was YUMMY!

Alan Cummings looking delicious.

The dining room from Ralph Lauren's Bedford estate.

And a bit more drama from Ralph Lauren.

Charlotte and Trey's tartan wedding from
Sadly, the wedding was much better than the marriage.

Ewan McGregor.

Maybe a plaid MINI Cooper?

Or as part of a simple county breakfast . . .

Or maybe you need to identify your livestock?
(when I said 'livestock' you thought I was kidding . . . right?)

And during my interview for The Skirted Roundtable, there was some assorted clamoring for a picture of me in my kilt. So, here you go . . . from an old, old, old photoshoot - and clearly before I chopped most all of my hair off . . .

Well kids, that all the tartan I think you can take in one sitting.

your in tartan,


Landon Shockey said…
Happy Tartan Day Scot! Love the Cawdor pics! I snuggle up with my Cawdor tartan throw all the time!
Pigtown*Design said…
Happy Tartan Day! You look smashing in your kilt!
I had no idea -and I'm very scottish! I would have worn my tartan had I known -oh well. Love the photo, lol -so serious!
I had no idea, too, that there was such a day as Tartan Day. There is nothing more classy than a tartan.

I'm not Scottish but I did attend a Burns night last year and tried haggis and recited Ode to the Haggis as well as many others. It was fun.

Happy Tartan Day!
AlwaysMe said…
Love, love, love.
Happy Tartan Day to you, too.
Sue Murphy said…
OOOHHH, love a man in his Kilt. While visiting Scotland I had the opportunity to join my cousins in the home of a wonderful quirky gentleman from an old aristocratic family. He made us coffee every morning in his family's tartan kilt. It was his "robe" in the morning. Then there was the family recipe for the wonderful Scotch he shared every evening. Didn't know there was such an art to drinking Scotch. Great post. Sue Murphy, but from the family of Stuart.
D.B. said…
FABULOUS! I've got a tartan thing myself and would've loved a tartan wedding but I married a German. Kilts are always a good thing and you are definitely "rockin" yours! Thanks for all the great images in tartan!
Sandra said…
Great Post! Fabulous images!! Happy Tartan Day to you!
Jaime Rogers said…
Well...it is all very impressive with your photo leading the way;) I can not believe your holiday undertakings! and as an avid Westwood fan, I say YES to using that paper in your place!!!!

Anonymous said…
love it. over half scottie here. cheers mate.
Yeah, National Tartan Day!

(Remember what I posted a year ago today? Wasn't that fun!!!)

By the way, how does one type a whistle, you know, for your adorable kilt photo?

; )
tartanista said…
Happy Tartan Day to you, Tartanscot. Loved the interview on 'Skirted Round Table' - those girls are cheeky!
Granny Smith Green -

And what an amazing year it's been! I so treasure your friendship . . . and appreciate the 'whistle!'
Mark Colquhoun said…
Fabulous tartan posting in a great Blog. Wonderful to see the photograph of Angelika Cawdor looking so well.
Regards from Scots on this side of the puddle. X
Reynolds Still said…
Happy Tartan Day Oh Great Tartanscot! Wonderful images and what a handsome home you have. Thanks for sharing with us all.

Best regards,
Reynolds Still
Pigtown*Design said…
I just posted a nice little Scottish castle on my blog... only 20 miles from Glasgow!
Unknown said…
Oh you have outdone yourself. These pics are fab!
So glad to know that there is National Tartan Day in honor of Scottish Americans.

All of these images are fantastic, including yours! Too hard to pick a favorite, but the dining chairs may linger on my mind!

I posted on a rather famous Scottish gentleman today you may have heard of...now if only he had your good taste in interiors!

Off to listen to your SRT interview!
Oh, you look smashing in your kilt. We need to let the ladies at SRT know about this !
You know I love all things Scottish and Tartan! Next year I will do Campbell plaid.
Anonymous said…
Mister, I find your blog looking for tartan wall paper for my home. We have the same ideas about tartan and Christmas time. It is really astonish, it is as if i was reading my own tastes and ideal decoration on screen, all is so close ! I am restorating a m├ędieval and Renaissance house in Normandy (France) and i want to make a real nest of tartan an old christmas items. Sorry for my bad english. Best wishes. Sylvie

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