08 May, 2009

"Weekend in East Hampton . . . "

Yay, it's finally the weekend.  And once again I'm featuring another beautiful 'get-away' residence, but this one's a bit different - it's my of my own, and one of my favourite, projects.  So this week, you'll get an 'insider' tour.

The Living Room.  I was working with existing furniture from the previous residence, but needed to shop for a few specific pieces to complete the design.  I wanted to keep everything crisp and classic - so yards and yards (and yards!) of glazed linen mixed with a variety of antiques.  We did a great deal of shopping here in SF as well a some specific buying in NY as well.

Another image of the living room - featuring the massive antique glass-doored bookcase.  The piece anchors the large room just perfectly.  It's filled with a collection of art books, antique porcelain, and these amazing shell specimens.

The Master Bedroom.  Huge windows over-looking the back yard or looking eastward to the ocean fill the room with the most amazing light.  My hope was to keep it the design classic, and let the extraordinary views steal the show.

The charming Conservatory all ready for an afternoon lunch, a good book, or a lengthy conversation.

As the sun begins to set, the Dining Room becomes just magical.  I still love that gigantic Holly Hunt light fixture!  (not so much having to reinforce the ceiling to support it . . . lol)  No window treatments were needed as I wanted the room to feel totally porous to the outside property.

And the well loved (and well used) Guest/Pool house.  It was just this delightful little two room cottage perfect for guests.  We used all indoor/outdoor textiles so it could be beautiful - and hold up to the constant use during the summer.

I think the project has been on my mind because I had the pleasure of having lunch with my clients a few weeks ago.  We still laugh (now) about the fun we had getting everything read - and our favourite snack from "The Golden Pear" that we'd have in the morning - and the ice cream we'd snack on after a long day.

I hope everyone has great weekend plans.  I've got a bit of training before a race next weekend.  Luckily, we've got the weather just MADE for being outside.


GrannySmithGreen said...

Once I made it to the conservatory, I would never leave. Well, that is if you got me off of the lawn in the first place.

Beautiful work my friend! Have a great weekend!

ALL THE BEST said...

It's beautiful!!! I LOVE the lawn! Nice work! When can I come for a visit? ;-)

ALL THE BEST said...

Has this home been featured in a mag? It looks familiar.

Scot Meacham Wood said...


never been published . . I had a nibble on it once, but it fell through . . . ugh . . . lol.

glad you liked it !

Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful, beautiful home. Isn't it great when a designer has such lovely architecture to work with?

AlwaysMe said...

I agree with Things That Inspire...when you have a house with such lovely bones it is hard to go wrong. Lucky you!

Paul Pincus said...

lotsa perfection. you really do have an incredible eye!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Things That Inspire...when you have a house with such lovely bones it is hard to go wrong. Lucky you!

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