"Open in case of . . . "

Hey everyone!

Just curious about something.  Okay, here's the scenario - you're working madly on a big project in your office, but it's a no-one's-gonna-really-see-me kinda afternoon, so you're just in something really casual . . . and suddenly, you're invited out to dinner with friends - And you're wearing a t-shirt with jeans. 

Other than the basics (toothbrush, fragrance, etc.), do you keep emergency clothes at the office?  Ladies, is there a pair of 3 inch black heels tucked away in the drawer in case of a last minute cocktail invitation?  Guys, is there an extra blazer hanging behind the door? 

For me, thank heavens for the "crisis" cashmere turtleneck and English loafers.   Am I alone with this?


red ticking said…
i have shoes and sweaters tucked about everywhere... hilarious aren't we? i love how you think...
Renée Finberg said…
U BET !!!


I have a cardigan at work...thats it LOL. I live close enough that I just dash home! It's such a good idea though! I have toothbrush, cologne and powder papers in my drawer just in case though!
My studio is right dt so I can always walk around the corner to one of favourite stores (lol) But I e to say that I lways have an clean extra shirt just in case I drop lunch some lunch food all over the me. I tired the Tide stain thing but it never worked for me.
Dumbwit Tellher said…
Forever amen there is, pearls too!

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