24 January, 2009

"Herding Gypsies . . . "

The cast from Gosford Park.


I have always believed that living an elegant, gracious life involves some (and at times a great deal of) effort on one's part. It is easier to eat dinner in the kitchen . . . but it takes some time to set a beautiful table and celebrate the evening meal. And those freshly ironed monogrammed linen guest towels don't happen by themselves. The daily duties of laundry/bedding, dishes (especially antique pieces that need hand-washing), and housekeeping all take a focused effort to maintain.

So for this weekend's blog entry . . . here's a little story, and an admission:

It started several days ago when I decided that the dinner dishes could wait until morning for washing . . . and the day's wardrobe could remain draped across the armchair in my bedroom and would be sorted before heading into work the next day.

Well, as stated, that was several days ago and . . . things have not gone well, lol. Now my Saturday is focused on re-claiming the gracious way of life that I pride myself on. It's a code word amongst my friends whenever one of us gets into this position that "Oh, please don't come by the house this afternoon. There seem to be gypsies staying here."

"and they seem to have livestock."

*Herding gypsies out the door*


ArchitectDesign™ said...

don't beat yourself up about it, it happens to everyone once in awhile. Be glad that you're one of the few who keeps your life in order in general!
In my own case - this past week I slept on my pillows with only the dust protectors on them that go under the cases - becaues I refused to put my pillowcases on the pillows before ironing them in lavender water. It was meant to be for 1 night only and stretched into an entire week of laziness till I finally decided to iron 10 sets of pillowcases thursday while watching ugly betty LOL. I am proud that I never put a wrinkled pillowcase on though!

Pigtown*Design said...

Love that! I must appropriate that for the days when the dog has taken the contents of his toybox and scattered them all over the house!

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