"Am I Blue . . . ?"


Well hell y'all . . . it certainly has been a hell of a week.  To call it an emotional roller-coaster would easily be considered an understatement.  Firstly - and most importantly - I hope you are doing well in the midst of an enormous amount of micro and macro changes to our everyday lives.  We here at our home - and at SMW Home - have been very proactive and seem to be well-prepared to face the next few weeks.  And honestly, I think no more than two or three weeks could very easily see us getting to the other side of this situation.

Am I hyper aware of my surroundings?  Yes.  Am I nervous?  No.   Am I keeping more to myself than usual?  Yes.  Am I retreating from society?  No.  

Here are a few things that I'm doing in my own life to keep myself on an even keel . . . 

1)  Call friends.  Though we might need to keep ourselves a bit more separated physically - that does not mean that we need to lose our connections with each other.  I've likely spent more time on my phone in the last six days than in the last six years.  Call.  Text.  FaceTime.  Hell . . . write letters - how lovely would a letter in the mail be these days!

2)  Practice some serious self-care.  We all know those things that bring us joy - and I recommend that you really LEAN into them.  Personally, I'm watching "The Sound of Music" tonight when I get home from the office.  It has never not made me smile.  I've been much more diligent about meditating each morning - and getting in a bit of yoga when I can.

3)  Find the balance between being well-informed and overwhelming yourself with information.  Be certain (as best you can) that you are getting recommendations from legitimate news and medical sources - and do your best to not spread misinformation with random internet memes.  In social media, you cannot 'read the room' . . . so be aware of what you are contributing.

4)  It might still get a bit worse . . . but, it indeed will get better.  "The sun'll come out tomorrow . . . and all that jazz!"  We as a nation and a society are incredibly resilient - and we just should lean into helping each other and being responsible about our own lives.

So . . . am I blue?  No.  I am prepared and focused.  And excited to see what our future is going to bring.  

Stay safe - and wash your hands.



Your post today - visual food for the soul! Thank you. And an Amen to all of your comments.
Lovely and appropriate post. And thanks for the lush images. The fact that you're in good mental shape for coping must mean: 1) you have enough toilet paper, and 2) your hand sanitizer bottle is still half full!
tammy j said…
what a wonderful post. the post of visual beauty and reason. both important!
and lovely calm! like a little oasis in all the chaos that seems to be swelling around us.
puts new meaning into what I've always loved... Keep Calm and Carry On.
and... 'we're not being shot at!' something rather nice to remember.
Jen Lawrence said…
Great tips. Stay safe!

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