09 February, 2018

"Sunday Runway - 2018 Olympics . . . "

Opening Ceremonies in 1976.
(I think that might be Dorothy Hamill in the top center?)


It seems a bit hard to imagine - but, the 2018 Olympics start tonight on NBC.  So we're going to cheat a tiny bit and talk fashion on a Friday - and take a trip down memory lane with some of my favourite Olympic Opening Ceremony uniforms. 

  The team in 1960 at the Summer games in Rome, Italy
Those hats are still amazingly chic.  I would take any pair of those sunglasses to wear RIGHT NOW. 

The Winter Olympic Team strides into the Opening Ceremony in Lake Placid in 1984.  These STILL might be one of my favourite uniforms.  Those sweaters are right 'on point' for the mid-1980's . . . and the shearling coats are amazing.  Plus cowboy hats and bandanas - perfect for the location and SO stylish (at the time!). 

 These are probably the more provocative uniforms - from the 2014 Winter Games - because practically no one I know likes these except for me.  Now, I don't like those sweaters in any way, shape, or form - but, I've always thought these were designed to be seen on a large group.  Because we have such a large team - when they all walked into the arena, it looked like a giant 'star field' waving.  So while not great fashion - it was amazing stage costume!

So what's in store for the ceremonies tonight from South Korea.  Ralph Lauren (once again) has designed this years uniform for most of the public events for our team of sportsmen and women competing on this international level.  Things look perfect for the events - and super 'sporty.' 


Will you be watching the Opening Ceremonies tonight?  



Victoria Smiser said...

???? Dorothy with the dark bangs and the great glasses????

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Victoria -

Yep! I think that's her!


Nancy Whitehead said...

There is a reason Ralph Lauren is so successful It is because he sticks to the Classics It does not matter what period he uses or chooses it is all about Classics, Classic clothes, Classic furniture, Classic fabrics or wallpapers, Classic cars ...etc etc Classics have stood the test of time and they never go out of style or fashion. Period. Both Ralph and Ricky Lauren are Classic folks. They both have great, enduring style. It never goes out. They are both always in..They both exude Great Style presented in new inventive ways but the basics are always there.

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