22 January, 2018

"Royal Family Ties - HRH Prince Charles . . . "


There seems to be no end of fiction surrounding Prince Charles and his upcoming reign as King.  In a world where tabloid gossip and official palace statements can get easily convoluted, I always find it good to do a quick fact vs. fiction breakdown of the current events.  So - let's see if we can put an end to some of the rumors and get a few facts to take their place.

HM Queen Elizabeth has declared that Prince Charles will not be King - and the throne will pass directly to Prince William.

No.  This was reported in the British *press* (and I use that word VERY loosely) back before Christmas.  Firstly, if there had been a change in the line of succession, it would be a tectonic event in the royal family - and would have been reported by every major media source in the world.  Consider the flurry of press revolving around Prince Harry's recent engagement.  It was everywhere for days. Secondly, the royal line of succession is controlled by Parliament - and Parliament would have to make any changes to it.  The Queen doesn't actually have any direct control over the heir apparent. Charles is heir as is his birthright - and will most likely be the next King.

HRH Prince Charles cannot be King because he was divorced from Diana.

No.  There is no restriction placed on the heir apparent based on marital status.  If Prince Charles’ divorce was going to change his place in the line of succession, it would have been HUGE news at the time.  Charles and Diana's divorce as well as Charles and Camilla's marriage has been approval of the Crown, the Cabinet, the Church, and The Parliament. 

Charles will be HM King Charles III.

Maybe yes . . . but, more likely no.  Monarchs quite often chose a 'regnal' name that differs from their common name.  King George VII (named - Albert Frederick Arthur George) was known as Prince Albert - and "Bertie" to his good friends.  Queen Victoria (named - Alexandrina Victoria) went by Alexandrina throughout her childhood - and decided to use Victoria because it sounded less foreign.  There was some talk of Charles (named - Charles Philip Arthur George ) using George as his regnal name in honour of his grandfather.  Also . . . keep in mind that the first King Charles was beheaded.  And the second one wasn't very popular either . . . lol . . . so my money is on George.

Brace yourselves.  The post on Camilla is coming soon. 



Jalon Burton said...

Is it possible to 'roll my eyes' via typing? Would that be R.M.E.??
I am so thankful when someone takes the time to 'do their research' and actually state the facts! Thank you so much for sharing... it is always easy to keep an eye on the royals and an ear to the gossip. Just a pet peeve of mine - and obviously yours as well.
Very interesting facts!
I hope you have a beautiful Monday.
Until next time,

tammy j said...

I have always loved that man.
I think he deserves more respect than he's been given through the years.
thank you for this wonderful series!

Jeannine520 said...

For some reason I've always felt sorry for Charles. I think he's had hard emotional situations in his life that have caused him a lot of suffering. I don't think he's half the bad guy he's made out to be.

I've always wondered if when a king decides to use a regnal name, if they are still called by the name they've always used by their friends and family and if the new name is only used officially? I'm sure Camilla will always call Charles "Charles", but what about everyone else?

Anonymous said...

Great post!

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