"Design Inspiration - Big Ruth Paisley . . . "

my grandmother - "Big Ruth"


I want to first tell you how hard it can be to design a textile collection.  But, you should also understand how incredibly challenging it can also be to name all of them - lol.  During my visit to Scotland, as I put the finishing touches on the SMW Home textile collection, I spent one final night in Edinburgh before flying back to the states the next morning.  That last evening I spent most of my evening scribbling down possible names for each of the textiles in the collection.  Obviously the clan tartans are named for the clans - but, there was so much more to deal with -

So let me tell you a bit about 'Big Ruth' . . .

My maternal grandmother was named "Ruth."  
But, so is my first cousin.  
So all of my life we have had 'Big Ruth' and 'Little Ruth.'  
My grandmother - or Big Ruth - was an endlessly chic hostess in the city in Alabama where she lived.
Always known for her stylish tweed suits and collection of fur 
coats - I know she cut quite a figure all of her life.

So this over-sized wool paisley from our collection seemed the perfect fit for her!  
The bold scale certainly matched her personality - and I 
think she would have loved the classic colours of each shade.  
Bold.  Chic.  Stylish.  Just like Grandmother Big Ruth. 
I've had fun telling some of the back-stories of some of our textiles - you can also find out more about Ryder, Radecliffe, and Sebastian. Stay tuned for more tales and inspirations for our textiles collection at SWW Home.



Lisa said…
Love the back-stories, keep them coming. The fabrics, on screen, look sumptuous.
Merlin said…
That paisley is stunning!!! Big Ruth would be very pleased. franki
Victoria said…
I love the back stories too. Also love the fabrics Scott. Happy New Year!
AlwaysMe said…
That's so funny. In my family we have Big Eric (my husband), and Little Eric (my nephew). This was fine until Little Eric grew up and got married. Now it's a little weird. :)
Congratulations on your new designs.
Your grandmother looks almost a twin for my french grandmother. I swear they have the same hat and coat.

I think your grandmother would love to be the inspiration for a textile.

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