"Inspiration Point - Jonathan Vickers . . . "


Just in case you were wondering after last week's posting . . . I'm STILL obsessed with adding some jaunty English ginghams and checks to my place.  And what could be more inspiring than this delightful kitchen from Jonathan Vickers . . . clearly his time at Colefax Fowler was well spent!



MonArchitecture said…
I really like that blue theme in this kitchen. But, those chairs are awesome!!!

Merlin said…
This REALLY speaks to me!!! franki
Love blue and white and checks. I have just introduced checks into my bedroom with a black and white duvet cover, just looking for a throw to soften the look as it is definitely a little masculine with my New England style white headboard and side tables.

I don't seem to get your blog updates via email any more and thought you weren't posting but spotted you on my list of blogs and decided to pop over to see what you were up to, glad I did as blue and white are my favourite combination and it features in my living room.

Do you have a selection of images of your home Scott as I would love to feature it on my NZ blog, you never know you might get some work over here.
Love the blue and white checked chairs - they look terrific. My you have such pretty blue and white dishes, etc.
Thanks for sharing this lovely kitchen with us.
blue and white nirvana....absolutely fabulous!
tammy j said…
oh lordy.
you have the most exquisite taste.
tammy j said…
and obviously so does jonathan!
i'm always so impressed that you're confident and happy enough in your own work . . .
to generously share the work of others here.
a real mark of integrity to me.
The striking blue traditional plates are just so lovely teamed with the blue tartan - simply stunning styling!

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