"Legends of La Cienega - O, for a Muse of Fire . . . "

Greetings -

As soon as I was contacted by LDCQ to be one of this year's window designers . . . my mind began to race.  As soon as they told me that this year's theme was "Where Muses Dwell" . . . my mind came to an immediate halt.

Not to be a complete Shakespeare nerd - but, the opening lines of Henry V - "O, for a muse of fire . . . " - leapt into my mind and never faded.

So . . . Shakespeare is was going to be.  Now . . . what the hell were we going to do with that idea?

The very first thing we did was announce it.  Often that makes everything easier - because now I couldn't change my mind.  And there's nothing like a hard deadline to keep the creative juices flowing.

So now the fun part begins . . . pulling together all the various pieces of the puzzle to create our window!

We were immediately partnered with Mehraban Rugs - and what a perfect partnership!  
They are an amazing source for beautiful carpets - and a 
marvelous selection of spectacular tapestries. 

And we all know how I love to layer -
so we wanted to have a several floor coverings to make the
space feel lush and royal.

With the great number of antiques I was plotting for the space -
I needed to be sure we had some contemporary pieces to give the space
some kinetic energy . . . and the fine folks at Dune and Duchess were the
perfect solution.  These black lacquered modern candelabra were the perfect
counterpoint to the historic pieces.

I also wanted to use this window as an opportunity to offer a sneak peek at our
upcoming collection for SMW Home.  Our Grendel Faux Fur Throw
(coming this Fall!) was going to fit in perfectly! 

Lordy I LOVE these!  We needed some height and drama for the long banquet table -
so this pair antique gryffin from Antique and Art Exchange were an early find! 

Perfect.  Perfect.  Perfect.  Jacobean chest.  Fabulous leather chair.  Hand-carved Trunk.
Everything was really starting to come together! 

Speaking of adding some 'modern' to the mix . . . the artwork by Filip Dujardin from 
Coup d'Etat was really going to keep things from feeling too much
like a museum.  It's alway important to me to make sure we're working
*both* ends of the timeline.  So that the more antiques I added to the space meant that we
needed very contemporary pieces for balance and interest. 


Ok.  Now that we have all the 'players' - let's put on a show.
Because we had such a HUGE space to work with (the window is more than 16 feet across),
something VERY theatrical was needed . . . so we did just that . . . created a theatre.

I took the idea of a modern production of Henry V - and actually set it 'on stage' - so that the 
center of the window felt very lush and dramatic - but, as your eyed began to
stray left or right you had the sense of seeing behind the scenes.

Have a look . . . 

Thank you to everyone kind enough to partner with us on this great window - and especially to the entire team at LCDQLA.  Until next year . . .



tammy j said…
from concept to execution.
go willy! ahem. I mean. go scot!
Karena said…
So impressive,Scot, very luxe and grand. The sumptuous fabrics, rugs, tapestries offset by those majestic gryffins, and candelabras, adore!!

The Arts by Karena
Merlin said…
You are SO TALENTED...can't wait to see the finished project!! franki
Dean Farris said…

Congrats on a great job, well done!

Dean Farris
Anonymous said…
Who could not immediately fall in love with a man who is "lush, regal and a little dangerous." Fabulous, fabulous window. Congratulations! xo, N.G.

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