17 April, 2015

"Charlotte Moss - Garden Inspirations . . . "

Charlotte Moss


To openly declare my unending love and respect for Charlotte Moss is not going to catch anyone by surprise around these parts.  I've always been inspired not only by her gracious manner and amazing eye - but, also her laser-sharp business acumen.  Basically, she's cooking on all four burners all the time - and looks amazing doing so.

If you'd like a wee peek into Charlotte's lovely world - you can do no better than finding her new book - "Garden Inspirations."

I was delighted to have a advance look at its lovely pages . . . and have a few here to share with you.

Just bask in the beauty . . . . 

I really love her use of statuary to help define spaces within the larger garden. 

I remember hearing Charlotte speaking years ago about her love
of custom lampshades.  And these couldn't be more perfect! 

Colour.  Texture.  Contrast.
This image is EVERYTHING! 

You can purchase the book here.



Karena said...

Charlotte has such a way with garden and outdoor entertaining. The look is so lush and luxe! Thanks for sharing Scot!!

The Arts by Karena

Sarah said...

I ordered this book yesterday and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Yippee! Can't wait to read it. I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte two years ago at the Antique and Garden Show in Nashville. Amazing LADY!

Karen said...

I have been a huge fan of all of her work and her philosophy on interiors and gardens. This new book is on my Mother's Day wish list. Thank you for sharing.

Merlin said...

She left no stone unturned.. franki

Lori said...

Custom lampshades (especially patterned ones) are everything! So is Charlotte Moss. To be authentic, elegant and remarkably down to earth in one package. The nod to her love of books and learning in the garden statue is so perfect. Beats angels, gnomes and cherubs:)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Always a delight, Charlotte knows just how to create a world we all love. This is a stunning book, to be savored again and again. Thank you for sharing it.

Unknown said...
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