"Mark D Sikes in Veranda . . . "

The Home of Mark D. Sikes from the July Issue of Veranda.


Run.  Run - do not walk.  Find your local newsstand.  The new issue of Veranda Magazine is available for sale.  And you'll find the lovely home of Los Angeles interior designer Mark D. Sikes gracing the cover.

I was able to get a sneak peak at a few of the images for the spread.  Amazing.  Inspiring.  Truly.  Just like a fresh Summer breeze wafting through the french doors . . .

Enjoy -

"Every room opens onto the garden, and windows 
and french doors are flung wide to draw in the breeze."
- Mark D. Sikes

"Lily, a french bulldog, sits in the tented guest 
room that was inspired by a 19th-century version 
at Charlottenhof palace in Potsdam, Germany. 
Walls and ceilings in Carolina 
Irving Textiles linen."

For more of Lily's adventures - click here

 " . . . the home is resplendent with design references 
from many sources: there are slipper chairs in the 
living room (classic Billy Baldwin) and matchstick 
blinds in the mirrored dining room (a nod to 
Michael Taylor), and the Braquenié tree 
of life pattern Hubert de Givenchy used to cover 
a guest room at his château outside Paris. Sikes 
pulls it all together with a Californian sense 
of ease, managing to combine sunny interiors 
with an elegance that never once veers 
into fussy territory."

So . . . next time you're shopping for magazines for inspiration - keep an eye out for . . .


(All images courtesy of Veranda Magazine.  Photography by Roger Davies)


Karena said…
Scot thank you so much for this, hopefully my Veranda is in the mailbox, as I have been away. Mark is a creative genius and I adore his home!

The Arts by Karena
Unknown said…
Thanks Scot- I really appreciate you featuring the Veranda story! you are the best!!!
I love his decor, especially the first image. I am not so keen on the floral bedroom, maybe a little bit much for myself but very English country. The tented ceiling looks really amazing, I bet that wasn't easy to do.

Lee :)
Unknown said…
Thanks Scot, Your bedroom is gorgeous and the headboard is truly stunning. The cabinet that holds the linens is so pretty too.
Romantic Bedroom

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