"#TBT . . . Revisiting Rural and Metropolitan"

Hackett of London

As we continue revisiting a few posts from my first few years of blogging - I thought I'd re-post this charming little photo narrative.  It originated in February of 2011.  And some questions are clearly never answered . . .  

"Am I Town or Country . . . ?"


Urban or Rural.  Modern or Antique.  
Finely edited / Lushly layered.  Polished chrome / Hand-rubbed brass.  

Sometimes I feel pulled in both directions.   

Past or Future.  Yin / Yang.  Sports car or Jeep.   
Sidewalks / Dirt paths.  

"Town . . . "

London, England
Ralph Lauren Collection, Fall 2011

Menswear Designer, Michael Bastian
(photographed by Ian Allen)

Ralph Lauren Home Collection

" . . . or Country"

Denton Gardner, for Elle Decor

Actor, Matthew Goode

Glen Feshie Lodge, Elle Decor

The new Ralph Lauren Restaurant in Paris

Roger Banks-Pye, from Inspirational Interiors

Decision . . .  decisions . . .


Karena said…
Scot, I am definitely a city girl at heart; however am certainly not opposed to a getaway in the country (although by the sea sounds better right now!)

xoxo Karena
The Arts by Karena
Karen said…
I love this post. I think there's a little bit of both in all of us as we long for excitement we want the city life, then to relax and recharge we're ready for the country. We all need 2 houses in 2 different regions. :-)
Merlin said…
Who knew 2011 was such a good year!
franki p.s. Both, please!

Enjoyed this post Scot. Hugs, Shiree'
This was such a good post. I feel exactly the same. xo, N.G.

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