03 February, 2014

"Design San Francisco - 2014 . . . "


If you're lucky enough to live in the bay area ( . . . and I say that because we had temperatures in the mid 60's over the weekend and I worked out at the beach in shorts and a t-shirt . . . ), I'll be speaking at this year's Design San Francisco on Friday, the 7th, on the lively topic of textile use in design.  I'm on a panel with Steven Favreau and Kristi Will - all under the leadership of moderator Heidi Gerpheide.

Stop by the Robert Allen showroom at 11:30 next Friday.

See you there -



Merlin said...

"THAT" hurt!! Shorts!!!! 60 degrees!!!! franki

Eileen A. Johnson said...

I wish I lived in San Fran, I would love to attend this panel discussion. I run a small custom furniture business, to the trade, and have been creating pieces "outside the box" using designer fabric. With the gorgeous designer fabrics of today, you can really create some wonderful statement pieces.


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