23 January, 2014

"Meanwhile - Back in New York . . . "

SMW Design, New York City

Whee . . . . this year is off to a slightly frenzied start!  It seems like we've had our collective noses to the grindstone here at the office since we came back from the holiday break.  Looking at new projects.  Toiling on existing projects.  And trying to take a break to watch a movie or two along the way.

I was sorting through some images - and found this marvelous shot of one of our projects in Manhattan from late last summer.  I've always loved the image.  It's a great mixture of stark lucite, glass, and steel . . . warmed with lush wool flannel (on the window treatments), vintage leather, and woven silk pillows.

And of course, having the canopy from Central Park as your background accessory never hurts.



Anonymous said...

This is GORGEOUS! I love EVERYTHING about it. And to have that view of the city to boot...priceless! XO

Merlin said...

Who wouldn't love New York with a room like that!! franki

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

Love love the monochromatic and the draperies hugging all that lucite and glass. Cozy.Chic.Love. And your House Beautiful coverage was fantastic :)

Notes From ABroad said...

This is very beautiful and reminds me of years ago when we had a huge glass dining room table and I had a set of glass dishes.
My husband would make me laugh telling me that people would put their food on the table or wouldn't be able to see the wine glass .. I like the idea :)

Unknown said...

Lovely! Have a great weekend and stay warm! xo Nancy

tammy j said...

oh scot . . .
how's that for a sophisticated elegant response?
that is what the room is. and i still say YUM in every best sense of the word.
don't work TOO hard.
enjoy the joy!

Anonymous said...

Be still my heart! What a view! I remember looking at an apartment in Autumn, many moons ago, with that kind of view. I was paralyzed by it! And the room design is perfect , like a frame to the view.

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