08 January, 2014

"Like a Breath of Fresh Air . . . "

Miles Redd for House Beautiful
(photography by Frederick Lagrange)


I hate to complain about having the post-holiday blues - but good heavens, there's still a half-decorated Christmas tree looming over my living room.  Judging me.  Harshly.

So . . . when I came across this delightful image from Miles Redd  . . .  all I can see is Spring on the horizon.




Karena said...

A glorious image Scot! Love the Gracie? wallcovering!
The Arts by Karena

Maryanne White said...

It's Time................

Scribbler said...

Same thing.

Thank you.

mrs. V | Chez V said...

that paper. the post holiday blues seems to be going round.

The enchanted home said...

Don;t feel bad there is a FULLY decorated tree in my home and its not going anywhere fast...I enjoy all the decorations (and a bit is laziness too) so keep them up until mid to late Jan. no rules last I heard:) Gorgeous picture!!

Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration said...

Oh wow, the colour, the bureau, the pattern oh how I love this image.

I have only just started to put Christmas items away too. I have my new camera and have been snapping away but realised I need to dispose of the Christmas trimmings if I want to put them on my blog.


katiedid said...

Yes....it is time here also to get the last ornaments off the poor dead tree.....:(

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